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SmartWritingService review
3.1 / 10 points

There are multiple reasons why even the best students sometimes require help of professional academic services. In case you have a job, feel ill or uninspired, or simply want to take a break from college to recharge your batteries, you can rely on an essay writing service to take some of the load off you.

Although it’s easy to find an academic writing service, you can’t always trust the first website you come across. There are fake companies that want to scam people and make a quick buck, which is why you should be careful. Read our review to find out whether you can trust this company.


The services offered at SmartWritingService is what you would expect from any similar service. There are numerous types of assignments they can help you with, such as:

  • Custom essays
  • Creative writing
  • Case studies
  • Dissertations
  • Personal statements
  • Research papers
  • Lab reports

Aside from choosing which type of assignment you want to be written, you’ll also have the option to pick the deadline. You can clearly see on the front page of their website that they provide the option of urgent deadlines in case you need a paper written in only 4 hours. In case you’re not in a rush and would like to save some money, you can select a 1-month deadline.

You will have 5 different academic levels to choose from – high school, undergraduate (years 1-2), undergraduate (years 3-4), graduate, and PhD. Although Smart Writing Service is primarily for college students, they offer essays written at the high school level.


The prices are above the industry average regardless of the academic level you choose. It’s understandable that they would want to charge a lot for an essay written urgently, but we think that asking for $59 per page for an essay written at the graduate level is too much. Even if you select the undergraduate (years 1-2) academic level, it would still set you back $40 per page.

In case you want an essay written within 3 days at the undergraduate (years 1-2) level, the price would be $22 for each page. The price goes down considerably if you select a 14-day deadline, in which case it is $14 per page. However, most students who use academic writing services usually don’t have this much time and need a paper written quickly.

As we were writing this Smart Writing Service review, we thoroughly analyzed this company’s website and found no information regarding discounts. We created an account on their website and found out that you don’t get any type of discount on your first order. There are also no loyalty discounts or bonuses.

Quality is a website that looks legit, but that doesn’t mean much in the professional writing service space. There are many websites that offer essay help and look incredible but actually scam people out of their money. That’s why we always make sure to make an order and check the quality of the services for ourselves when writing a review.

We took this approach while writing our SmartWritingService review and ordered a 10-page essay with a 3-day deadline. We patiently arrived for our essay to be completed after 3 days, but we didn’t receive anything. Another day went by and there was still nothing so we decided to contact customer support via mail and get to the bottom of this.

We heard back after more than an additional 24 hours had passed and finally received the essay. The paper that was supposedly written by a professional academic writer contained plagiarized content and many grammatical errors. It seemed as if it wasn’t written by a native English speaker. We then asked for a revision but didn’t get any reply.

In the meantime, we decided to see what others were saying about this service online and found out that many experienced the same problems as us. According to numerous Smart Writing Service reviews, it’s an often occurrence that the writers are late with assignments. On top of that, many complained about how the writing was bad regardless of the academic level you choose.

Customer Support

There are supposedly three ways you can reach customer support. From our experience, not one of them is effective. There is a phone number you can find on their website, but no one ever picks up. We dialed it several times at various times during the day and they haven’t picked up once.

You can also try contacting them via email. We tried doing this after we were disappointed with the paper we received, but we didn’t get an answer. According to several SmartWritingService reviews found online, the company rarely responds to emails. There is a live chat option on the website, but it can take hours before you get in contact with a customer support agent. But even when they respond, it’s unlikely that they’ll be of any assistance. Some users even note that customer support can be quite rude.


If you want to hire someone to write an essay for you, then you should avoid Smart Writing Service. Based on our experience and multiple user reviews found online, this is not a service that we would recommend. The content often contains a lot of grammatical errors and there’s a good chance you won’t receive your paper on time, which can be very frustrating for students who are on a tight deadline. There are better academic writing services online that provide reliable assignment help at more affordable prices. Review Review

AustralianWritings review
9.2 / 10 points

Classes and studying for exams can be too time-consuming and sometimes may prevent you from doing all of your assignments on time. Professional essay writing services were created to help college students with this problem. In case you can’t find the time to finish an essay or any other type of school project, you can find a professional academic writer that will do it for you.

If you’ve already searched for essay writing help online, you likely know that it can be difficult to find a reputable and reliable service. That’s why it’s important to check what other people are saying about it before you make a purchase. Today, you’re going to find out everything you should know about, a popular essay writing service.

Key Features of AustralianWritings

  • This academic writing service has a team of qualified writers who each hold either a master’s degree or PhD in their field.
  • The essays you get on this website are completely free of plagiarism.
  • You can order an essay with an urgent deadline.
  • Some writers at this company are qualified to write quality dissertations.


The writers at AustralianWritings can help you with various types of assignments, including:

  • Essays
  • Case studies
  • Research papers
  • Dissertations
  • Book reports
  • Presentations
  • Lab reports
  • Term papers

Once you choose what type of assignment you need help with, you will then have the option to pick the subject area. The good thing about this website is that it offers assistance to all students, regardless of what they’re studying. There is always at least one writer that specializes in a certain subject area.

What we learned when we started writing our review is that you can also choose the quality level you want your paper written at. There are three different quality levels available. The lowest is recommended for undergraduates, while the highest is often selected by PhD students. Nevertheless, you can also pick the highest quality level if you’re an undergraduate and simply want your paper to be written really well.

Aside from writing, there are also editing and proofreading services available on this website. In case you have already written your essay but feel ill or don’t have time to edit it yourself, you can hire a writer from this company to do it.


There are two factors that determine how much an essay is going to cost you. The first is the quality level you want it written at. The second factor is the deadline you choose. If you wanted a paper to be written at the standard quality level with a 10-day deadline, the price would be $19.35 per page.

The more urgent the deadline the higher the price per page. Although there is an option to order an essay and get the finished paper delivered to you within just 3 hours, the price would be $42.29 per page at the standard quality level. If you were to select the highest quality level, referred to as platinum, with the same deadline, it would set you back $47.31 per page.

While writing this Australian Writings review, we also analyzed other popular Australian-based essay services and found that these prices were below the industry average in this region. In fact, it’s also cheaper than most academic writing services based in the US and UK.

It’s worth noting that all new customers get 20% on their first order. There are other discounts available as well, created for loyal customers. If you order more than 15 pages from Australian Writings, you will get a 5% discount on all future purchases. This discount increases to 10% if you order more than 50 pages, and reaches a maximum of 15% in case you order more than a hundred pages.


To determine the quality of this service, we had to do two things – find out what other customers are saying about it and order a paper and judge for ourselves. We first started going through AustralianWritings reviews online to get a sense of what people were saying about this company. And it looks as if they have a really loyal customer base that is very satisfied with their services.

Nearly all of the Australian Writings reviews we read were positive, but we still wanted to check the quality for ourselves. That’s why we decided to order a 5-page essay with a 24-hour deadline on the evolution of social media. The paper we received was completely original and contained some incredibly good points. It also didn’t contain almost any mistakes.

In case you want to find out more about what you can expect when you order a paper from this company, there is a Samples page on their website. Here you will find examples of their previous work.

Customer Support

We tested the responsiveness of customer support while writing our AustralianWritings review. Each of the three times we contacted support, we were quickly able to reach them. You can get in touch with customer care through live chat, email, and by phone. The agents at this company are incredibly helpful and will provide you with prompt assistance. If you want to get an answer as soon as possible, it’s recommended that you contact support through live chat, where representatives are always available.


In case you’re looking for a reliable essay writing service with affordable prices, you should consider Australian Writings. After our thorough analysis of this company, we can say that we recommend it to college students not just based in Australia, but across the world. If you’re from the United States, you can simply request that your paper be written in American English. When you order a paper from this company, you can expect it to be of high quality and delivered on time. Review Review

Edusson review
3.4 / 10 points is an online writing service with a huge pool of writers. The company states their writers have higher academic degrees such as Masters Degrees or even PhDs. On their website they do not feature the writer’s profiles, so we need to rely just on the promises stated on the website. This service works differently than the other writing services out there. First, you have to post your project, and then the writers will start making their bids. Then, you will select the writer that you want from the bidders. We consider this type of service is not that good for students looking for fast and reliable help.

Key Features of Edusson features some positive features. According to our initial review, these include:

  • Bidding system writing service
  • The promise of 100% plagiarism-free content
  • Confidentiality of your personal details
  • Safe payment option- several options to choose from

Unfortunately, these are the guarantees stated by them. We have thoroughly reviewed this service years ago, and it was not a favorite service. They did not make any positive changes, except for the design of the website. We consider that is not the most reliable writing service you will find out there. They promise plagiarism free content, but when we placed our order, the pages we received contained quite some plagiarized content.

We also cannot say they have the most powerful guarantees. For example, we could not see the Money Back guarantee or the free unlimited revisions guarantee. This means that even if you do not like the essay, they will not review anything for free. There are many top reputable companies out there which will give your money back if you are not satisfied with the quality received.


“Edusson is a writing service that did not meet my expectations. They sent me two essays, and both contained plagiarism. When I tried to reach out to customer service, they were not picking up the phone. I do not recommend their services to any student”

Melinda M.

“Unfortunately, Edusson writers are not well trained and they do not have the needed experience. They did not even know how to write a dissertation chapter for my paper. Then, they promised a few free additions for my papers, but they charged me for every single feature. I am completely disappointed by this service and I will never use them for my academic projects”

Steven H.


We offer you an honest and unbiased review. Therefore, we will inform you about all the important details whether good or bad. Their services are not satisfactory at all, but they offer an impressive list of services. These include:

  • Admission Essay writing
  • Book report writing
  • Assignments and Case studies
  • Capstone project writing
  • Movie reviews
  • Literature review & literature essay writing
  • Coursework & Dissertation writing
  • Research papers

We also noticed that they do not offer different types of essays. They offer essay writing, but they do not include there the exact types of papers such as argumentative essays, descriptive essays, informational essays, or personal statement essays.


The main problem with this service is that they do not clearly enlist their prices. All students should know exactly how much their essay would cost, before actually placing an order. What happens if a student simply cannot afford to buy a paper here? He/she should have the option of checking the prices list. In case you do not want to wait for the bidding process, you need to pay $10, and then Edusson will select a writer for you. This is completely ridiculous. Why should you pay money in order for the service to assign one writer to your project? This is not fair play but we need to reveal to you everything in this honest Edusson review.


In order to create a very detailed Edusson review, we have placed an order to check on the quality provided. We asked them to write 2 essays, and we gave them all the necessary information – the number of pages needed, quotes that need to be included and we even gave them the title. We got back two papers that contained plagiarism and were not properly edited.

The papers also contained information that was not properly referenced and we could not find even one original and unique idea within the papers. We are sorry to say that the quality level provided is extremely poor.

Customer Care

Plenty of reviews discuss the poor customer service of this company. We have to say the same. They do not have the instant chat option where you could instantly discuss details regarding your order. Then, if you write them an email, it takes several days until you get a response. They are not always picking up the phone when you call them. This all suggests that customer service is bad.

Customer service is the heart and soul of every business and Edusson should know this. When students require help with their orders, or they have to find out more information they should be able to contact the representatives without effort.


We have thoroughly analyzed many other top reputable Edusson reviews when editing our own review. Just like the other reviews state, we do not recommend their services to any student, especially those looking for reliable quality and affordable prices. This company does not offer any powerful guarantees, and they do not even display their prices on the website. The quality of the papers is poor and there is no way you can reach a customer care representative over the phone.

We suggest that you should look elsewhere to find a truly reliable service for your needs and available budget. There are many top essay writing services available online that serve the students in the best way they can- with amazing papers and friendly customer service. Review Review

GradeMiners review
2.6 / 10 points

Overview is an online writing service with a long history on the market. They are present for many years now, but this does not mean that the company provides the best possible services. In our opinion, not too many things have changed since we last reviewed this company. We regret to say that they did not invest in the quality of their writers or the quality of the services they provide.

They state that all writers have higher academic degrees, but this is not true. Many of the papers delivered by this service are completed by students who do not have any good qualifications in the academic field. This may be a legit company, but the company does not offer the best it can in terms of communication, quality, costs, and other such factors.

Key Features of GradeMiners

At first glance, GradeMiners seems to have plenty of good key features. These highlights include

  • Writing service with many years of experience- several years on the market
  • They are promoting 100% original content
  • No plagiarism promise
  • Unlimited number of revisions even after 14 days from receiving your order
  • Service backed by powerful guarantees

GradeMiners would be a very reliable company if they kept their promises. Unfortunately, they only promise in writing all these facts, but they fail to deliver good quality at prices that students can afford. We wish we could give this company a good rating, but we can only give it about 1.9 out of a total of 5 stars.

Users Testimonials

“I just received my essay and I am completely disappointed. The paper contains some plagiarism and it is not even edited well. I suggest you look for some other company, because they do not offer any good quality”

Alessya F.

“Unfortunately, this company is not capable of delivering one piece of good paper. I paid a fortune for a badly written research paper. The paper contained many grammatical errors, and they did not even follow my instructions. I told them clearly what to include, I even gave them the needed citations. Grade Miners is an absolute a waste of time and money”.

Brendon R.


In this review we will reveal to you the types of services they offer. They offer a wide range of services including academic admission essays, research papers, dissertation writing even on a chapter by chapter basis and more. They also offer editing and proofreading services, but for these you need to pay separately.

We know from experience that a top reliable company will not charge students for editing. The writers will actually write and edit the paper before sending it to the client. Also, editing is generally included within the price. We clearly do not like the fact that you have to pay extra for the editing of your paper.


Before writing this GradeMiners review, we thoroughly checked their prices. We want to inform students not only regarding the quality of the work offered but also regarding how much they have to pay for a paper. You should know that prices start at around $12/page for essay writing and prices can go as high as $45 to $50 per page for dissertation writing. These are the prices for 14 days deadline. We consider the prices are extremely expensive, considering that students have a limited budget.

You cannot possibly pay out of pocket $500 for 10 dissertation pages, and wait 2 weeks to receive your paper. In this GradeMiners review, we can also say that this company is extremely expensive for any student and that you can find much better options where you get better quality at a lower price even.


In order to write an honest and unbiased Grade Miners review, we placed an order for a 10-page essay. We gave the writers all the need information, such as title, number of words needed, quotations that should be included, and the references. We received an essay that is of very poor quality. They did not include the quotes and the references were half missing. They asked us to pay for editing, but the essay was clearly not edited well.

Customer Care

Several GradeMiners reviews discuss about the poor quality of customer service. We checked for ourselves, and we can say the same. We couldn’t talk with anyone on the instant chat option, and our email received an answer after 2 days. We needed urgent help with some information, and there was nobody we could reach out to.

So what is Grade Miners? In our opinion, it can be a legit service, but it is definitely not a reliable one. When it comes to customer service, they fail to deliver quality and responsiveness.


Is GradeMiners legit? In our opinion, this is a legit company. However, it is a service that offers very poor quality services to customers. The prices are exaggerated and customer service is inexistent. We tested them several times, and we can clearly say that we do not recommend this service to anyone. When we received our order and we wanted to ask a few questions as to why our paper is so poor quality, nobody answered us. When they finally did, they told us we should read the information available on the website, because we will find out more. We received a nonsense answer, and we consider this entire service quite nonsense.

Do not waste your precious time and money here. Look for a top reliable company that charges affordable rates and offers in return some good quality papers that you can actually use in class. Students cannot afford to pay a fortune on a paper they cannot use, and this is why they should not use Grade Miners services. Review Review

2.9 / 10 points is what people call a bidding writing service. This means that, when you wish to order from Shark Essay, you need to ask for a paper and wait for bids. Then, when writers bid on your order, you can talk to them and choose the one that will be working on your assignment. This is very different from traditional essay writing services that take over the entire process. In this review, we’ll discuss the benefits that come with it, as well as why this is not a great option on this site.

We started things by checking the EssayShark reviews to establish the reputation of the company. Unfortunately, we uncovered many negative EssayShark reviews that spoke of the same issues – bad quality, fake writers’ qualifications, plagiarism, etc. If you are eager to learn how our experience went and get the answer to the question is EssayShark legit, keep reading.

Key Features of Essay Shark

  • Very low bids i.e. low prices.
  • Frequent issues with plagiarism.
  • Can order any paper you need.
  • No guarantees for quality.

Testimonials from Customers

I am writing this EssayShark review to help out any student that finds himself in the same situation as I. Do not use this company. They scammed me with their low prices, but the quality is worse than I could imagine.”

Daniel Smith

This service did not meet my expectations at all. I liked their prices and the writer seemed like the perfect solution to my problem. But, the quality was not-so-good and the worst part is, it had a lot of plagiarism in it.”

Jake Blocker


One of the great things about EssayShark and bidding companies like this is that you can get any service you want. You just need to tell them what you need and wait for bids. Still, there is no guarantee that you’ll get bids, even though from what we learned from Essay Shark reviews, getting bids does not seem to be an issue.

You’ll find all services on the list and if you don’t, you can ask the writers for something more specific. Then, you have to wait for a while to get some bids, after which you’ll look through the writers’ profiles, communicate with them, and choose the one you prefer.


Another benefit worth mentioning in this Essay Shark review is the pricing. All the bids we received were extremely low, which made us wonder: is EssayShark scam?

It is not a scam in one sense, but it is definitely scam in some ways. When you choose a bid, you’ll be charged that exact amount without any hidden costs, which means that you won’t be scammed financially speaking. But, seeing how we had to go through the bids and read the rather fake profiles of EssayShark writers, it suffices to say that the quality part is a scam.

We cannot share the exact pricing of the company because they don’t have a fixed pricing list or a system. Writers are the ones bidding with their preferred quote and it is up to you to choose which price suits you the best. In our case, the bidding range started at less than $10 per page for a deadline of one week and a college-level paper. This is low in many ways, and quite unexpected.


Unfortunately, the quality was exactly as customers presented it in their testimonials – bad. The writer’s qualifications could not possibly result in a research paper that was so low in terms of quality, accuracy, and even originality. This confirmed that EssayShark indeed presents fake information to make you believe that their writers are better than they are.

Our research paper came cheap, but the quality was unworthy of any price we could have paid. It was a 5-page paper that contained a total of 3 sources, which is unacceptable. What kind of research paper is that?

This sounds bad, but it was the least of our worries with this paper. A writer with over 5 years of experience and a Master’s degree (that is what the bidder’s portfolio said), as well as great testimonials, wrote a paper that had 43% plagiarism in it. It also had more mistakes than anyone could count in as little as five papers. This would indicate that he wasn’t even a native English writer.

There is not a lot to say about the quality of the content, not after we found these things. The remaining of the content which was original was full of sentences that we could not understand, and wording that was grammatically inaccurate.

Customer Care

When you receive such a bad product, you rush to reach out to the support Essay Shark has a 24/7 support, or at least that is what they say. This support is not available on instant live chat or by phone, which is strange to begin with.

We had to use a form or an email to reach out to them. If they really worked around the clock, we would have received a reply within minutes or at least an hour. We never got a response when we sent in our very detailed message regarding the writer’s serious mishaps. We threw in a plagiarism report and a list of marked errors. No one ever responded.


Essay Shark is not a popular service, not with customers and not with us. They present fake information to convince you to buy and in return, they guarantee nothing. Because of this, customers often order expecting a lot more than they get. When that happens, the support is either rejecting their requests or ignoring them altogether. Even though it is a cheap company, the odds to come across an honest and good writer at such prices are slim on this site. Review Review

Payforessay review
3.7 / 10 points is one of the popular essay writing services. We decided to thoroughly review this service so that you can get first-hand, reliable information about this company. As a first impression, we can tell you that the pages load terribly slowly. We had to wait even up to 5 minutes until we could scroll down the main page to get access to valuable information. PayForEssay has a main web page that is filled with too much non-sense information and large pictures. Students can easily get lost among such plentiful information, but they do not offer essential details about how their service works.

PayForEssay advertises that they offer plenty of free features with each order, but we will discuss these features in detail shortly. They also have an online price calculator that we could not use. We tried to find out exactly how much we need to pay for a 5-page essay in American Literature, but the calculator is quite useless.

In order to find out the price, you first need to register using your email address, and then they will send the price offer to your inbox. We consider that Pay for Essay is not fair play with its customers, because they do not display instantly the prices so that students can know exactly how much they have to pay for their papers. Stay tuned because we will disclose to you even more details about Pay For Essay.

Key Features:

  • Academic writing service that has specific services for USA, UK, AU, and CA students;
  • Poor customer service;
  • Prices start low but they are not displayed clearly.


“ I am definitely not impressed by this company. I paid a fortune for an essay that contained plagiarism. The staff is not friendly and it was extremely difficult to contact them. I do not recommend their services to anyone”.

Rachel W .

“This company messed up entirely my Dissertation. I placed an order for 3 chapters, and they sent me back a paper that looked like an essay. The chapters were not delimitated well, editing was nonexistent and I consider their prices are overly expensive. Proceed with caution when working with this company”

Nigel L.


In this detailed review we will disclose to you the services provided by this company. Their list is extenuating, and we know from experience that most highly reliable companies focus on a few strategic writing services. Instead, this essay writing service offers about 30 different writing solutions, and we are not convinced that they have so many experts in so diverse fields. Some of their services include term papers, essay writing, coursework writing, Dissertations, PowerPoint Presentations, book reports, and even movie reviews and math problems. For this Pay For Essay review, we have thoroughly checked their services list, and we can tell it is exaggeratedly long.


Pricing represents the most important factor when checking a writing service. Students need to know exactly how much they have to pay for the papers, before actually placing an order. Unfortunately, their price calculator does not work. However, in order to make this PayForEssay review as accurate as possible, we found out the prices for you. For example, for one page of writing with a 7-day deadline, you need to pay $17,99. Then, for Master-level writing with a 24-hour deadline the cost is $34.99 per page and for a deadline of 3 hours, the cost is $44.09 per page. Their most expensive price is for the PhD level with a 3-hour deadline and the price is $46.22 per page.

Discounts and Special Offers

Several PayForEssay reviews specify that the company does not respect the discounts they advertise on the home page. We also placed an order to see if they indeed offer these discounts. We had to pay the full price for the paper, and they charged separately for the title page and the editing of the essay. What they advertise on the website: free title pages, free formatting, free reference page, free unlimited revisions, and free e-mail delivery. Of all these, they only offer free e-mail delivery and nothing else.


We asked the writers to create for us 2 different essays: one in American Literature and one in Legal Studies. When they delivered the page, our internal staff started reviewing the work. We can tell you that both essays were filled with grammatical errors. We cold not possibly present these essays to a teacher. Then, we also found many editing mistakes and several quotes included that were not referenced. This is plagiarism, and they should avoid it at all costs. Most Pay For Essay Reviews also talk about the low quality of the papers.

Customer Care

Customer service is almost nonexistent. We tried to talk to a writer before we placed our order, but they did not answer to our emails. Then, we tried the instant chat option, and there we talked to a representative. This representative was not at all helpful. He told us we should carefully check the website to get an answer to our question. Customer service should be friendly, prompt and always available. This is not the case with this company.


Looking for someone to write your essay? Then, you should probably look elsewhere. We had an overall bad experience with this company. The quality was well below our expectations, and their customer service is very poor. We could not check clearly all the prices they charge, and we also had a bad experience with the research on their website. We consider there are plenty of reliable writing services out there which charge even lower prices than this company. When you need to hand in an important paper such as an essay or a Dissertation, you cannot risk by hiring the wrong company.

Take your time to research well and find another company that offers services that suit your needs and also your available budget. Do not waste your time or money on writing services that have nothing good to offer to students.

Best Essay Writing Services Review Review

Bestessay review
10 / 10 points

Visit Site

Are you on the search for BestEssay reviews? You’ll surely find them across the web. It’s one of the most popular writing websites, so many users are willing to share their testimonials. But maybe you need a detailed BestEssay review that goes beyond a personal testimonial. You want an in-depth evaluation of the website, supplemented by direct experience with the writers, and a detailed report on the type of paper the customer got.

We have such a review for you!

To start off, let’s say that this is one of the best essay writing services currently on the market. Now, let’s get to the details.

Key Features of BestEssay

  • The best essay writing team, with real experts on board
  • Timely deliver every single time
  • 100% unique content crafted from scratch

Testimonials by Users of Best Essay

“When I decided to use Best Essay, I was so disappointed that I didn’t expect something good. I had only a few hours to complete the essay and I thought the writer would deliver something average just to get me through the assignment. Boy was I surprised! This was a top-level paper that was completely original.”

Daniela Savich

“I’m not that good at writing essays. That was an understatement, actually. I am terrible at it! So I regularly hire Best Essay writers to do the work for me. I don’t mind spending the money as long as I get great quality that helps me get passing grades.”

Michel Roberts


Let’s see: can you order the type of paper you need at You probably can. The service covers a wide range of academic writing products, so no matter what you need to complete, these writers can help.

Here’s how the list looks like:

  • Writing Services – You can get a traditional essay, but you can also order more complicated projects such as term paper, research paper, lab report, case study, article critique, academic article, reaction paper, presentation, and more.
  • Dissertation and Thesis Services – Any dissertation chapter is available here. You can also order your complete dissertation, as well a thesis/research proposal, thesis paper, and editing for all these types of content.
  • Admission Services – Admission essay, scholarship essay, and personal statement are available here.
  • Assignments in programming, statistics, math, physics, economics, and all other areas of study are included in the offer. You can also order multiple choice questions and PowerPoint presentations. 
  • Editing Services can improve the quality of your content.


If we lived in an ideal world, we’d be able to get anything we wanted without being worried about the price. But we’re far from a utopia here, so we have to worry about the prices of everything we buy. When looking at reviews, the price makes an important difference.

The founders of Best Essay understood the need of a student to get high quality for an affordable price, so they set the quotes low. If you want to order an essay, it will cost you from $21.99 to $66.99 per page. Editing is a quite affordable service; it costs from $13.99 to $36.99 per page.

Let’s not forget discounts. You get 15% off on the first order, and loyalty discounts if you get more papers there.


Do you know what makes our evaluation different from most Best Essay reviews you’ll find online? We pay attention to the website’s features, but we also share the details about our personal experience with its writers.

We ordered a book review here. We chose The Brothers Lionheart – something that looks like a book for children but has deep, dark layers that are difficult to analyze. The writer had a Ph.D. in literature, so he clearly understood what we needed. He focused on the dark moments of the book, explaining why it’s important for authors to expose children to such realities through literature that’s light to digest, but makes you contemplate.

This book review was absolutely fantastic. It’s safe to say that out of all the agencies we’ve tried so far, this essay writing service delivered the best book review we ever received.  

Customer Care

The customer support is great here. The live chat is becoming a standard feature among writing services, and that’s a great thing. We contacted the agents several times and they were always available to give us the updates. You can also message them on Facebook Messenger, send an email or call them by phone.

Conclusion: Is This the Best Essay Writing Service?

BestEssay is one of the top writing agencies currently on the market. It’s a well-established service with an impressive history of delivering state-of-the-art quality for students at all levels. The price is reasonable for this level of quality. We shouldn’t underestimate the fact that they give discounts, too!

Order Now Review Review

4.5 / 10 points

CoolEssay is not what we’d call a popular service. In fact, the first time we heard about Cool Essay was when a student such as yourself asked us for our opinion. Since we knew nothing about them, we decided to do this CoolEssay review.

Our first impression with the website of Cool Essay wasn’t really positive. It’s a fine website, but they have a lot of information that simply doesn’t fit there. CoolEssay even has a ‘Beware’ page that praises their company and judges all the rest. Interestingly, the CoolEssay reviews we read mentioned that this service does not follow instructions very often when this is one of the things in their Beware page.

Because of these strange findings, we dug much deeper and did our own, accurate CoolEssay review.

Key Features

  • Limited service list
  • Really low prices from $10
  • Low quality of support service


“I ordered from a month ago. I’m not happy about it. In fact, I didn’t spend much there but I would pay a single penny to those writers they hire. Their services are unreliable and really not worth it. My paper was nothing like I expected.” – Peter Smith

“Last week I had my first and hopefully last experience with a company named Coolessay. They did everything a writing service should not do. They plagiarized, did not do anything I asked, and even delayed the paper for four hours.” – Jerry Peters


It’s a very small list, the one that offers academic writing choices on the website of this service. They have a bit over a dozen different papers, which does not make this service a great place to buy essays of different kinds and on a regular basis. Even so, they have the basics. You can use them to buy essay, research paper, term paper, creative writing, coursework, dissertation, thesis, business plan, case study, admission essay, etc.

They have some confusing items in the list, too, probably made in attempt to make it longer. You can choose to buy essays online by selecting their essay (any type) service, but argumentative essays are offered separately. This can be really confusing.


The pricing is really important to students and CoolEssay definitely used this as a marketing strategy. They have some of the lowest prices we know of, $10 for a page for an essay. The high-rated companies we’ve seen all have prices that are almost double or double this price.

Unfortunately, these kinds of prices don’t really bring good news. Quality academic papers cost much more than $10 per page and let’s not forget that both the writers and the company should earn something when you order. In such cases, it is the customer and the quality of paper that suffers.

Even the rest of the prices are low. Also, they are quite strange as the academic levels move higher. The difference is so small, we could hardly believe it. A student in Master’s studies pays $26 per page, while a student of Ph.D. studies pays a single dollar more for a page, no matter what they order. It’s a really strange pricing system, that of Cool Essay.

Discounts and Special Offers

This is not specified anywhere, which is a very big disadvantage for this Cool Essay review. If it weren’t for Cool Essay reviews that mentioned some special offers, we’d think that there is nothing you can do to lower the prices.

You wouldn’t really need this with the prices they have, but still, discounts are always expected from companies where you buy essays online.

So as you know, for this Cool Essay review, we checked the entire website. We came across a mention of discounts, but the site said you should call their support to ask for a discount. Then, on the bottom, we found a page for discounts. This page listed their offers: regular discounts that are available at any time and you need to request them, discount code or coupon for new customers, regular customer discount, temporary discounts, holiday discounts, and low season discounts.

To get any of these, you have to speak to the support. Unfortunately, our experience with them was disastrous.


We never got ourselves their discount for new customers, even though CoolEssay mentioned one. The support said we aren’t eligible to it, but their pricing is definitely really low, so we decided to still go with it.

However, the quality of Cool Essay is the thing you really have to be concerned about. We had many issues with the company. Their order process is good and the rates are perfect, but the service is exceptionally bad. The paper was so poorly written, editing couldn’t possibly save it. It was also quite plagiarized and the mistakes were all over it.

Customer Care

As we said, we spoke to the support of Cool Essay. They were supposed to give us discounts, but this is a bot on the live chat, so it took us before we realized we’ll never get an answer.

When we got the bad content, we used the phone as a possibly better method of contact. The agent spoke such bad English, we didn’t understand a word he said. In fact, he didn’t understand much either. So, we ended up writing an email that no one replied to – ever.


With our bad paper and even worse experience with customer care, we are certain that this company is not deserving of your money and trust. They have some good features like their prices and their order form, but the rest is quite the scam. Review Review

Custom Writings

4.2 / 10 points

Custom Writings Overview is a valid writing service provider, offering its services to students for years now. This company has been on the market starting from the year of 2005. The mission of this company is to work with the best writers with the purpose of providing high-quality papers. Their website states that they offer 100% original content, writing from scratch and confidentiality. They are located in London, England.


As the case is for the majority of good writing companies on the market, offers assistance with nearly every type of academic paper. This includes assignments, coursework, essays, dissertations, theses, admission letters, speeches, presentations, bibliographies and reports.
Aside from these academic papers, this company also offers free plagiarism checking. Other services include proofreading, re-writing, formatting and business writing services.
There are several complaints about the content from this service. However, they offer a 100% money back guarantee if the content does not satisfy the client’s needs.


The price for the services they offer is dependent on many factors, including paper type, academic level, number of pages and degree of urgency.
Prices range from $10 to $45, depending on these factors. So, if you make a short-deadline order, you will most likely pay more than $25 for a single page.
Their shortest deadline is 8 hours, which is among the shortest deadlines available on the market. This brings the additional worry that the company will not be able to provide you with top-quality paper in such short notice, especially if it is longer.
In addition, this company offers business writing services too, but an urgent resume with a deadline of 24 hours actually costs $100.

Discounts and Special Offers

Regarding the discounts, offers a lifetime discount code to returning customers. You will get 5% discount for more than $500 spent, 10% for more than $1000 and 15% for more than $2000.
They do not offer a first – order discount. However, they do offer dissertations at discounted prices, as long as they are 30 pages or more. When you order such paper, you will be assigned both a personal manager and discount.
You can calculate your discount on the form on the website. The website is very simple in design, but easy to use. You can also calculate the price for the paper you are ordering, by entering the paper type, number of pages, deadline and academic level.

15 Best Essay Writing Services Review Review


3.1 / 10 points

WriteMyPaper4Me Overview

Writemypaper4me is yet another option students have regarding content ordering. The site presents its team of writers as highly experienced, with the ability of delivering high-quality content and doing so for years now. This is a legit service that promises 100% original content, affordable prices and adherence to deadlines.


Writemypaper4me has some good and some bad review, but they are mostly positive when it comes to the quality of content. The majority of students that have chosen this particular content provider claimed that they have benefited from the experience.

The list of services includes nearly every type of academic writing assistance, including academic papers, essays, coursework, assignments, book reports, case studies, movie reports and editing. Additionally, every client should pick from the educational level list i.e. high school, college, university, masters and PhD.

After the order is placed and the payment is completed, the task you assign this company with will go in the hands of one of their writers, to be later handed out to the proofreaders and editors prior to the delivery. This is how they manage to provide people with flawless content of high quality.


The content quality is generally good, but the prices are not as affordable as you may think when first looking at the page. This particular writing service offers various prices that range according to deadline and quality levels.

The shortest deadline is 12 hours, after which one of 24 hours follows. The prices for these two deadlines are the most steep, especially since one page is 300 words and costs a minimum of $23 (for high school level) and maximum of $45 for Ph.D.

Generally speaking, the lowest price this company offers is $11.50 for high school level content written from scratch. Additionally, the site is quite vague when it comes to the specific number of words, i.e. this is described as: ‘The average page is approximately 300 words’. What does approximately really mean here?
This content provider accepts three methods of payment: PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

Discounts and Special Offers

If you are looking for a first order discount, you will not find one. However, there are certain loyalty discounts where a client gets 5% discount when placing an order above $100, and a discount of 10% when placing an order above $300.

When ordering from this service, you should note that you cannot combine the offered discounts. Additionally, you will not find free features information in the home page. Otherwise, the site is well-designed and easy to navigate.


15 Best Essay Writing Services