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3.5 / 10 points is not a service you hear often about. In fact, before we decided to research the website and its reputation for our review, we had no idea that this website even existed. It’s not a popular company, not because it has many bad reviews, but because it has very few online. This would indicate that very few people buy from this service. To be more, the small amount of My Perfect Paper reviews we managed to find were mostly bad.

This is a bad way to start a review. Even from the start, we knew not to expect a lot to come up. This was not improved when we started looking at the site. It is poorly designed and the font is too small to read on desktop, so we had to zoom in to be able to see anything. For more details about our findings, keep reading this MyPerfectPaper review.

Some Features of

  • 50% off on their originally high rates
  • Frequent issues with missed deadlines mentioned in MyPerfectPaper reviews
  • Is known to sometimes deliver copied content
  • Longer average page length of 300 words

‘’I don’t recommend that people buy from this company. Believe me when I say this – their papers are far from perfect. I let myself be tricked into buying because their papers are really cheap, but it is not worth it.’’ – Dalton Kirlin

‘’There are many better companies out there that I have used with similar pricing. I found a lot of plagiarism in the paper by this company. I had to edit everything myself because they ignored my requests and complaints’’ – Joyce Doyle


My Perfect Paper offers you any kind of paper you need, and not just that. We learned the surprising things while researching for our My Perfect Paper review. One of them is that this company, as unpopular as it is, has gone way and beyond to offer more services to customers. Instead of improving the reputation for a selected number their writers excel at, they’ve widened their offerings to include even non-academic services.

This means that, in addition to papers like essays and research papers, you can buy other things from this site. You can get entire e-books, news releases, quizzes, and other services that aren’t really common for such companies. In addition to this, we found some strange offerings such as ‘’school paper’’, which we’ve never come across before.


There’s a pricing page where you’ll see some rates, but this is not realistically what the company charges. On the page, you’ll find that they have a limited offer for no less than 50% off!

This means that you’ll get your paper at half the price, which makes the company extremely cheap. At this point, we started to understand why there are so many bad My Perfect Paper reviews – the company is too cheap to be able to afford qualified writers.

Those same reviews also kept mentioning the 50% off and the low prices that come with this service, so high chances are that this is not really a ‘’limited time offer’’. That seems to be a long-standing marketing trick that would tempt students to buy – and fast, before they realize that the service is very unpopular on the market.

If the rates are not so highly reduced, this would be a very expensive company. They would charge a minimum of $30 per page, which is unrealistically high and obviously, not something they ever do.

Some examples of their low rates include:

  • $15 for 300 words for any paper and a deadline of 8+ days
  • $16.50 for 300 words for any paper and a deadline of only 3 days
  • $20.25 for 300 words for any paper and a deadline of 1 day

Even short deadlines are low-priced. Usually, companies charge much more for shorter deadlines like 1 or 3 days compared to deadlines over a week. Here, the difference is very small. In fact, many of the great companies we’ve come across charge around $20 per page for their longest deadline, while this one charges that amount for a 24-hour delivery.

Their shortest deadline is 12 hours, which is not bad, but not ideal for those who need a rushed delivery. Other companies often deliver papers within a couple of hours, sometimes even 3 hours.

As for other discounts, there are none on this website. That shouldn’t be an issue since many students seem to have rushed to meet the ‘’limited time offer’’ at first, and according to their reputation, it doesn’t seem like many come back go buy more. Ergo, no loyalty program mentioned anywhere we could find.


At this point, we’ve learned a lot about MyPerfectPaper, enough to know that we shouldn’t expect miracles with the content they deliver. The quality was very low, even lower than we hoped for. They say that you’re charged half the price before the paper delivery and the other half afterward when you confirm the receipt and check the assignment.

But, even though they missed our deadline by an entire day and delivered something of really bad quality, we were still charged the other half. This is another trick they use to make you feel safe about buying there.

The quality of the assignment was bad, and it had too much plagiarism in it – over 30% in 5 pages of content. Many of the sources used were non-existent, some did not even fit with the topic, and the paper was full of mistakes and poor English language. Overall, this was a very bad paper, one that would probably bring a low grade to a student.

In fact, with the delay of an entire day, the student wouldn’t even be able to submit the assignment to be graded.

Conclusion: Is this a Great Writing Service or Not?

The bad reputation, plagiarized essay, delayed delivery, and many tricks we uncovered all lead to the same conclusion – My Perfect Paper is as far from perfect as it can be. This is not a trustworthy company. They are cheap and offer all sorts of services, but use many tricks to tempt you to buy their low-quality papers.

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