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2.9 / 10 points is what people call a bidding writing service. This means that, when you wish to order from Shark Essay, you need to ask for a paper and wait for bids. Then, when writers bid on your order, you can talk to them and choose the one that will be working on your assignment. This is very different from traditional essay writing services that take over the entire process. In this review, we’ll discuss the benefits that come with it, as well as why this is not a great option on this site.

We started things by checking the EssayShark reviews to establish the reputation of the company. Unfortunately, we uncovered many negative EssayShark reviews that spoke of the same issues – bad quality, fake writers’ qualifications, plagiarism, etc. If you are eager to learn how our experience went and get the answer to the question is EssayShark legit, keep reading.

Key Features of Essay Shark

  • Very low bids i.e. low prices.
  • Frequent issues with plagiarism.
  • Can order any paper you need.
  • No guarantees for quality.

Testimonials from Customers

I am writing this EssayShark review to help out any student that finds himself in the same situation as I. Do not use this company. They scammed me with their low prices, but the quality is worse than I could imagine.”

Daniel Smith

This service did not meet my expectations at all. I liked their prices and the writer seemed like the perfect solution to my problem. But, the quality was not-so-good and the worst part is, it had a lot of plagiarism in it.”

Jake Blocker


One of the great things about EssayShark and bidding companies like this is that you can get any service you want. You just need to tell them what you need and wait for bids. Still, there is no guarantee that you’ll get bids, even though from what we learned from Essay Shark reviews, getting bids does not seem to be an issue.

You’ll find all services on the list and if you don’t, you can ask the writers for something more specific. Then, you have to wait for a while to get some bids, after which you’ll look through the writers’ profiles, communicate with them, and choose the one you prefer.


Another benefit worth mentioning in this Essay Shark review is the pricing. All the bids we received were extremely low, which made us wonder: is EssayShark scam?

It is not a scam in one sense, but it is definitely scam in some ways. When you choose a bid, you’ll be charged that exact amount without any hidden costs, which means that you won’t be scammed financially speaking. But, seeing how we had to go through the bids and read the rather fake profiles of EssayShark writers, it suffices to say that the quality part is a scam.

We cannot share the exact pricing of the company because they don’t have a fixed pricing list or a system. Writers are the ones bidding with their preferred quote and it is up to you to choose which price suits you the best. In our case, the bidding range started at less than $10 per page for a deadline of one week and a college-level paper. This is low in many ways, and quite unexpected.


Unfortunately, the quality was exactly as customers presented it in their testimonials – bad. The writer’s qualifications could not possibly result in a research paper that was so low in terms of quality, accuracy, and even originality. This confirmed that EssayShark indeed presents fake information to make you believe that their writers are better than they are.

Our research paper came cheap, but the quality was unworthy of any price we could have paid. It was a 5-page paper that contained a total of 3 sources, which is unacceptable. What kind of research paper is that?

This sounds bad, but it was the least of our worries with this paper. A writer with over 5 years of experience and a Master’s degree (that is what the bidder’s portfolio said), as well as great testimonials, wrote a paper that had 43% plagiarism in it. It also had more mistakes than anyone could count in as little as five papers. This would indicate that he wasn’t even a native English writer.

There is not a lot to say about the quality of the content, not after we found these things. The remaining of the content which was original was full of sentences that we could not understand, and wording that was grammatically inaccurate.

Customer Care

When you receive such a bad product, you rush to reach out to the support Essay Shark has a 24/7 support, or at least that is what they say. This support is not available on instant live chat or by phone, which is strange to begin with.

We had to use a form or an email to reach out to them. If they really worked around the clock, we would have received a reply within minutes or at least an hour. We never got a response when we sent in our very detailed message regarding the writer’s serious mishaps. We threw in a plagiarism report and a list of marked errors. No one ever responded.


Essay Shark is not a popular service, not with customers and not with us. They present fake information to convince you to buy and in return, they guarantee nothing. Because of this, customers often order expecting a lot more than they get. When that happens, the support is either rejecting their requests or ignoring them altogether. Even though it is a cheap company, the odds to come across an honest and good writer at such prices are slim on this site.

9 thoughts on “ Review

  1. Do not choose if you need a good assignment. You may get a good price, but no one checks the paper before they deliver it. I chose an average priced writer and got something that was definitely not written by a native English speaker.

  2. When you get the chance to pick your own writer, you should be able to trust the reviews on the website. I paid more for one of the better writers and got horrible paper. Not recommended!

  3. I was a bit skeptical about having my assignment done online at essay shark. However, I decided to give them my essay, which was due in two days. They ended up disappointing by a week’s delay, just as I had thought.

  4. After reading most of their reviews online, I was confident about working with essay shark. However, I can confirm that this was the worst decision I ever made due to the terrible quality of their writers.

  5. I specifically hated the customer service at essay shark. They were so unresponsive to my messages and queries. I give them a 2-star rating for their terrible customer service and low quality essays.

  6. Never ever order essays from writing service EssayShark. I spent more than $50 on useless paper which was completely plagiarized and full of grammar mistakes.

  7. My paper was marked 30 out of 100, and when I went back to the service, they said it’s not refundable. Terrible customer service and scam website. Don’t order from them!

  8. I needed an essay urgently and placed an order at essayshark without checking company reputation. The writer was late, and the quality of the essay was below average.

  9. EssayShark have high prices, their support is unresponsive, and quality is below average. I made a mistake when ordered from them.

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