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EssayShark is a place where you can order your content and be sure that you will receive it. This particular online writing service has been in the content providing business for over 9 years. Its business model is different from that of the others. The way of working here is by allowing the customer to place an order and pick a writer from those registered with the company. After the client places the order, writers bid on it and wait for the client’s pick.


Generally speaking, you can order all academic writing types from this site, including essays, papers, case studies, dissertations, thesis and book reviews. The website of the company is well-designed and quite easy to use. First, you need to place your order and wait for the bids of registered writers. Then, you pick a writer from the list of bidders and wait for your content. Delivery of content is guaranteed by the company.

Customer Support

The company has a customer support team, but this team works only on answering your questions prior to the order placement. After you have picked a writer, the only thing you can do is communicate with the writer because in most cases, the customer support department rarely does anything after this point. Even though you have a guarantee that you will receive your content, it still depends on the writer you will pick whether the content will be of high quality or not.

Unfortunately, there is no control department that will check the paper’s quality before it is delivered to you. So, there are plenty of comments regarding missed deadlines, bad content and many grammatical errors. These errors can also be noticed on the website’s samples of the site’s top writers.


The biggest plus of ordering from EssayShark are the prices. Considering that orders get many bids from the grand choice of writers, you are able to find the most varying prices on the market on this site. However, you should be careful of what you choose, because lowest prices often indicate bad quality of writing.

Discounts and Special Offers

There is no such thing as discounts on EssayShark, mostly because you pick your price with the writer you choose. Also, there is no such thing as coupon codes for discounts on bigger orders or first order discount. All this should be discussed with the bidders on your order. This is a big disadvantage, mostly because nearly every content writing service company offers a discount of some kind.

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  1. Do not choose if you need a good assignment. You may get a good price, but no one checks the paper before they deliver it. I chose an average priced writer and got something that was definitely not written by a native English speaker.

  2. When you get the chance to pick your own writer, you should be able to trust the reviews on the website. I paid more for one of the better writers and got horrible paper. Not recommended!

  3. I was a bit skeptical about having my assignment done online at essay shark. However, I decided to give them my essay, which was due in two days. They ended up disappointing by a week’s delay, just as I had thought.

  4. After reading most of their reviews online, I was confident about working with essay shark. However, I can confirm that this was the worst decision I ever made due to the terrible quality of their writers.

  5. I specifically hated the customer service at essay shark. They were so unresponsive to my messages and queries. I give them a 2-star rating for their terrible customer service and low quality essays.

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