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99papers review
3.1 / 10 points

Do you know those stores that sell products at an extremely cheap rate? Everything costs very little and you might find something great there. This is the impression you get when you read: “It’s not cheap, it’s priceless”. Of course, there are rates on this website – you won’t get your papers free of charge. But, those rates are very low, which made us very concerned about the quality. This is where this review comes – we checked everything about the service for you to know.

Key Features:

  • Extremely low rates that start at less than $10
  • Frequently delayed papers and plagiarism issues
  • Support is not very responsive


I sincerely thought that I found a great service when I bought from this company. The testimonials on the website are so great, and the price was almost half from what I’ve found online. But, I guess quality comes at a price because what happened here was not even worth the small quote I paid. I didn’t receive my paper on time, missed the deadline, and what they sent later wasn’t even good!

Wendy Hope

I used once – and never again. The paper I received was more work than I’d do if I wrote it on my own. A lot of it I couldn’t even understand – I’m guessing the person who wrote it didn’t even speak good English. There were hardly any citations and yet, over 30% of it was plagiarism. Outrageous!

Greg Quentin


You might encounter some issues with the website. For example, in the pricing table, it’s impossible to see the full list of services. On the plus side, you should know that 99 Papers has an excellent service list, one that includes just about anything you need at school, from high school to your PhD. They even create white papers and web content, which isn’t really academic content per se.

Such a big list means that you can buy from this company without looking elsewhere – if their quality is what you wanted. Here you can purchase essays, dissertations, research papers, case studies, theses, questionnaires, etc. Interestingly, the company has a low reputation but has decided to add even more services to their list – such as SEO writing, web content, and even CV and resume products. They seem to cater to a much wider audience, not just students.


The prices are probably what attract students the most. This is one of those companies that charge too little for academic content. Their rates are so little that they got us concerned about the quality we’ll receive on the website.

On this website, customers can get their essays and other papers at as little as $9.95 per page. If you stop to consider that good-rated companies charge double this or more, this is actually a really low price.

Prices here are split based on your academic level and the deadline. Here is a short overview of what they are:

  • High school rates begin at $9.95 per page
  • Undergraduates in their first and second year can  buy from $12.80 per page
  • Undergraduates in their third and fourth year can buy from $15.90 per page
  • Master’s students can buy from $22.30 per page
  • PhD students can buy from $27.20 per page

These rates apply to deadlines of 15 days or longer, while the company also offers other types of deadlines to its customers. You can purchase papers within days or even hours. The shortest deadline found on the site is only 3 hours, for which you’ll be asked to pay a rate of $30 per page.

Instead of a traditional loyalty program where customers get perks based on their accumulated pages, has something else – a cashback program. This means that, when you buy for the first time, you’ll pay the full price. From it, 15% will be returned to your profile to use on the following orders. This is an unexpected offer still because of the rating. It certainly makes the papers even cheaper.


We thought at first: well, that discount program is interesting and rewarding! But, considering how badly our experience went, we don’t see many coming back to use that 15% the company returned to them and buy another paper.

Our assignment from 99Papers was of really bad quality. Not just that, but it was also delayed despite their statement that 100% of papers arrive on time here!

The research paper we ordered from this company came two hours later, which would be bad if we had a very tight deadline to meet. The quality was even worse – there was plagiarism in it, many flaws, and a lot of the content was not even comprehensive.

The entire paragraphs made no sense or had no relation to the topic in question. Nothing was formatted as requested, there were hardly any citations, and our plagiarism scan came up with 39% copied content!

Customer Care

After reaching out to the support to tell them about our horrible experience with the writer and the paper, we were even more disappointed in this service. First of all, it’s almost impossible to speak to the support. The live chat is bot-based, which means that getting answers is very hard. After a long time, we managed to get the attention of an actual live chat agent.

The agent was not just unprofessional – he was plain rude. We pointed out the mistakes in the content, sent them the plagiarism report, and requested that they revise our paper for free or refund us. The agent decided not to take any action whatsoever and didn’t do a thing. He said that we’ll get a response about the company’s decisions in a few days, and we never got anything. Not to mention, if you have a paper due, you can’t really wait for this, right?


99Papers seems like very good service at first. They have all the assignments you need, tremendously low prices, and look very good on the website. However, things get different when you actually use the service. Our experience was bad – plagiarized content, slight delay, and very bad support service. Based on it all, we cannot recommend this company.

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