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Overview is an essay writing service that has 1000+ qualified writers. However, you need to give them your project first and have their writers bid for it. You place your order on their system, the writers bid for it with different prices, and you may look over their portfolios before you hire them.
It is free to sign up for an account and there is also an app. They claim there is a 100% plagiarism content guaranteed, and they will make sure all your information will keep safe and private.
This hasn’t been changed since our last Edusson review we published 2 years ago. We decided to check them again as the website’s design was completely updated (it’s a pleasant feature) and to see what new they have.

Unfortunately, except design nothing else became better and still isn’t in our top 15 essay writing services list.

Services Overview write essays from scratch and also have a proofreading and editing service for essays and papers students write themselves. They are different from many services in that is it almost self-service. Most companies assign their writers based on best person for the job. Edusson allows writers to bid for the orders. You have no guarantee of the qualifications, standards and experiences of the writers, nor any confidence that the company has any quality control.
Read online reviews and some are very damming, even including complaints of plagiarism. It seems very much that Edusson is simply acting as a middle man. They provide the platform to enable you to engage with writers and all they do is take the money. The site claims a guarantee of 100% plagiarism free but there is no evidence that they vet writers’ finished work in any way and solely rely on the integrity of the writers. If you are going to hang your academic performance on a dissertation written by a 3rd party, wouldn’t you want some guarantee?

Prices Overview

This is a really complicated part. You can’t see the prices beforehand like on other essay writing services webistes. When hiring the writer, the amount you pay for him/her will depend on how much money the writer bids. If you don’t want to go through a bidding process you can pay $9.99 to allow Edusson to select a writer. It is somewhat disconcerting to see complaints all over internet forums about the massive markup Edusson make to the writers’ bids. Obviously, if you are happy with the price quoted and the work that is delivered this is not an issue.

Discounts and special offers

Edusson doesn’t have special offers or discounts for using their service. The reason for this is because the service works by having writers bid on your essay. There are no set prices. The way you pay less is simply by choosing the lowest priced bids.


This service is like a surprise box – you never know what you get. You may have either an excellent essay for affordable price or a bad quality work and waste of your time with their support after you require your money back. And the second option is much more frequent. Thus, we cannot recommend this service.

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  1. is a service a wouldn’t recommend. Their writers don’t respect the deadlines. I got my assignment 3 days after the deadline has passed. Will search for another one.

  2. My experience with Edusson is negative due to the bad job they did for me on my dissertation. They met my quick 7-day deadline but did not do it according to the standard I expected.

  3. Edusson ruined my dissertation. I was having a very hard time creating content for the dissertation, and I thought that they would do a great job. I only ended up getting a huge disappointment.

  4. Well, my encounter with this writing service was very negative, since they delivered low quality content. Even after speaking to their customer service representatives, they didn’t rectify the mistakes. Very disappointed!

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