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StudyMoose review
3.3 / 10 points

If you are on the lookout for online writing services and have stumbled upon StudyMoose, then you must read this review before you place an order. After looking at multiple StudyMoose reviews, we are led to believe that this writing company is not worth your salt.

Furthermore, we ordered from them ourselves but were let down by their services on many fronts. Read this StudyMoose review to find out what this writing company lacks and why you shouldn’t take their assistance to get a custom essay.

Key Features

  • Limited services
  • Bidding System
  • Average quality papers


I chose StudyMoose after reading a few reviews online, and it was the biggest mistake of my life, hands down. Not only did I end up paying much more than I had originally planned on, the essay that I received was below my own writing level. Learn from my mistake and give this company a pass.” George Gamgee

I was pressed for time so I decided to order an Economics essay from But to my horror, it was delayed by a full week and I received no help at all from their customer service. I had no use for an overdue essay and ended up with an F. Never again will I avail their services, and neither should anybody else.” Peter Prezbelowski

Services at StudyMoose

At first glance, the company offers a healthy variety of essay writing services that is comparable to some of the other successful writing companies. But on closer inspection, it is clear that they have listed the same service in a different way in order to make their list look long.

Study Moose only offers the very basic services that one can expect from even the most lackluster writing companies. Though in the essay writing department they do offer their services in a variety of subjects, this does not help students who are looking for writing help for different types of assignments.

There are various Study Moose reviews that talk about legal issues that you run into. For instance, if you cannot use the essay that they provide due to deadline issues, then the essay belongs to the company and not to you. This is done chiefly so they can have more essays to display on their website.  


The basic price for a simple essay is marked at $13.90. But this can skyrocket once the essay writers bid on your paper and agree to write for you. Additionally, you will be required to pay an extra $10 just to talk to the writer, which is a queer policy. Your final price will depend on the type of service you require, the deadline, number of pages, and the expertise of the writer.

There is no price list given to clearly know the price which is one of the drawbacks of their pricing system. So, for purposes of this Study Moose review, we ordered a 5-page Economics essay with a 5-day deadline. We were astounded to know that your total had come up to over a hundred dollars which is way more than what a high school or a university student could afford to get an essay online.

Discounts and Special Offers

Since the company doesn’t have a concrete pricing system, there are no discounts provided for students. This can really upset people looking to get writing help but are tight on their budget. You can try to get a discount by contacting the customer care unit but they rarely provide one.


Now, let’s get to the meat of the matter. All the previous points are pardonable if the quality offered is worth an A grade. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case. The paper quality is average at best as can be seen from the free essays online on their website. Since the company employs the bidding system, all the writers are freelancers and though they maintain that they have expertise in their respective fields, their work says otherwise.

Some students claim that they received their paper full of grammatical errors and silly mistakes that clearly isn’t the hallmark of a professional writer. We would have taken such remarks with a grain of salt but since our own paper reflected high levels of incompetence we became more sympathetic towards such claims.

Customer Care

Study Moose maintains that their customer service is one of the best in the business. But you need only to contact them to understand that it is a flagrant lie. They take eons to reply, and when they do they hardly seem to be able to solve any issues. You can write them an email but don’t expect a prompt reply. You can call them but be prepared to talk to a non-native speaker.  


As you must have understood by now through this Study Moose review, this company is only average at best. They claim to offer the best possible services but cannot even provide a decent paper on time. Their services page itself highlights their work ethics which revolve around duping the students to thinking that they have all the services that you could ever require.

Their pricing system is based on bidding but since they charge their own basic fee on top of what the writers charge, the whole system seems to be designed to swindle you off your money. They won’t even provide proper discounts and are not at all catered towards serving the students. You can contact their customer service but have no expectations whatsoever of their agents.

As you can tell by this review, we would never recommend this company to anyone, unless they are dying to throw their money away. Students are better off taking their money somewhere they can actually get help with their assignments.

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3 thoughts on “ Review

  1. Study moose is an ineffective, inefficient, slow and untrustworthy essay writing service. I am angry at them for the terrible job they did on my essay, including the slow turnaround time. Anyone seeking quality should avoid study moose at all costs.

  2. StudyMoose is a scam. I got an essay from them and it was plagiarized. After I submitted a complaint, they said that I approved the paper so I cannot expect any compensation. It is my duty to check plagiarized content, isn’t it?

  3. Don’t order from StudyMoose. They are not genuine writing company. I ordered once here, but my paper was of the lowest possible quality.

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