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About Us

About Us

About us

Have you ever been stuck with an essay or another academic assignment? Wait; what kind of question is that? Of course you’ve been stuck with an assignment before. Professors are getting crazy these days. They expect too much work without being aware that you have papers to write for other courses, too. Not to mention the fact that you also have to excel in tests and exams. When you think about it, the reality of being a student is far from what we see in movies.

Fortunately, there’s a solution: you can use an essay writing service and order any type of paper you need. The unfortunate thing in this situation is uncertainty. You can never be sure whether or not the company you choose delivers fine work without hidden fees.

If you’ve researched the market, you probably understood: it’s a complete chaos out there. Hundreds of websites claiming to have the best teams of writers, best prices, best guarantees, and fastest service. Needless to say, that’s not the case. Some of these services are pure scammers, while others are superb.

How do you identify the top writing services you can choose from? That’s where we come in. Our reviews will give you all information you need, so you can safely choose an agency that won’t scam you.

We’ve created our reviewing service with a noble goal in mind: to help all students find the websites they are looking for. We’re a team of three former students, who know the exact struggles you’re going through. We have used several writing services before, and we know that only few of them deliver the quality and convenience they promise to provide. The last thing we want is for other students to fall in the traps we encountered, so we had an idea to guide them towards the companies they can trust.

Now, the question is: why should you trust us? Keep in mind that we are not being paid to evaluate websites and share reviews. Our service is completely unbiased and we didn’t start it with the goal of profit in mind. It’s a simple project that allows us to give something to all students out there. Our ultimate aim is to build a community of students who help each other find the right essay writing service for their needs.

All reviews at our website are honest, unbiased, and reliable. You can safely follow their lead when you want to order papers online, but we are never calling you to action. We only suggest you to read about the main features of each service, and then make your own decision.