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paperhelp review
3.8 / 10 points quite literally offers to help you with any academic–related issue you have. This is mirrored in their big service list, but not in their reputation. After reading tons of reviews on the Web, we found that they hardly resemble the testimonials on their official website. This is rather confusing, which is why we proceeded to do our due diligence, research, and write this review.

Key Features:

  • 15% discount on new orders, but 10% are credits
  • No real guarantees for quality or timely delivery
  • Offers all the academic papers you need


For a long time I have been looking for a great service. Once again, I was tricked. I read their great PaperHelp reviews on the website and thought: yes, this is it. It wasn’t. Don’t get tricked like I did. The quality is nothing like they present it to be, and they don’t do refunds or revisions.

Ivan Webber

I’m writing this PaperHelp review to help fellow students not to get in the same trouble as I did. The assignment I got here looked good at first and I was in a rush, so I submitted it without a thorough check. The professor was so angry – over half of it was plagiarized! The writers here have no shame and I got a really bad grade because of it.

Stephanie Votter


The service list on the website is hard to find, at least the full scope of what you can order. The creators of the site have made unnecessary pages that generally describe content writing over and over again. It took us tons of time to look through them for this Paper Help review, and found nothing of value in the Services page content.

In fact, this page lists the following services, which is far from their full list:

  • Essay services
  • Research Papers help
  • Personal statement help
  • Term paper help
  • Coursework help
  • Other services

In addition to this, there are pages called: write my paper for cheap, help custom paper writing, etc. These repeat the same information: the company is great, essay writing is hard, and they’ll take care of things for you.

If you really want to see the full service list, go directly to the order form. You’ll find what they actually offer in the dropdown menu, and you’ll also see the rates they offer.

Despite these mishaps in creating the site, there’s a full-scope service list to choose from. If the quality was as they present it to be on the published Paper Help reviews on the website, this would be great – since you’d be able to order it all at one place.


Low prices are a huge red flag that something might be wrong with a company’s quality. This service charges very little. Even if you put aside their 20-day deadline for high school students, which almost never happens because, at these levels, deadlines are usually shorter, the remaining rates are still very low. Here is a short overview of what you’d be asked to pay at this company:

  • High school paper within a 20-day deadline: $10 per page
  • High school paper within a 14-day deadline: $12 per page
  • College paper within a 20-day deadline: $12 per page
  • University paper within a 14-day deadline: $20 per page
  • PhD paper within a 3-day deadline: $32 per page

As you can see, prices grow gradually at Paper Help based on the deadline and academic level, but they still remain much lower compared to high-rated companies.

This came rather unexpected, but such a cheap company has also decided to hand out discounts to new customers! There’s a 15% discount for new customers, but it comes with a bit of a trick – you get only 5% on your order, and the remaining 10% are given as a credit for future orders. The code to use this is SAVE15.

There isn’t a loyalty program where you can claim other lifelong discounts like with most companies for the obvious reasons – this is already a very cheap service. However, if you have orders over $500, you can talk to the support and they’ll give you 5% off, and if you have orders over $1000, they’ll give you 10% off.

We found one very tricky thing in this offer – they say that if you claim a discount, you are not eligible for a refund. That’s how the company rejected our refund request despite the paper coming an entire day later.

The rates here are cheap, but there are some extras that might increase the pricing of your order (these are optional, of course):

  • VIP customer support at $14.99 – this is to get immediate response
  • Plagiarism report at $9.99
  • Preferred writer category at $14.99 – you can choose between basic, advanced and top
  • Abstract page at $14.99
  • Sources used at $4.99
  • Table of contents at $9.99
  • Editors check – TBD
  • Charts at $9.99

When we noticed these extras, we were a bit of confused. Does this mean that, if you don’t pay $14.99, you won’t get a good customer service? Does it mean that if you don’t pay $4.99, the writer won’t create citations and tell you where they got their information?


We decided not to get any extras to see what the company really offers for the pricing they have. It turns out that, unless you pay for editors check, you get a very bad paper quality. If you don’t pay for sources used, you get nothing of the sort.

Basically, what we got was a paper that was of horrible quality. Honestly, no edits would fix this, but they didn’t even bother because we didn’t pay for it. The paper contained 35% plagiarism, so we have no idea how they’d send a plagiarism check on request.

Most importantly, PaperHelp missed our deadline. Students would miss their deadline because of it, and the paper wasn’t good to submit even when it arrived.

Customer Care

The customer service doesn’t really care about such issues – and they proved it. They said that we aren’t eligible for a refund because we used a discount, and that they don’t provide free revisions in our case. Apparently they decided we are not eligible for it.


PaperHelp disappointed us in every sense. This company looks promising, but their rates are much higher than it seems, especially if you want to get something that resembles good quality. The support is terrible, there are no guarantees if things go wrong, and the writers are far from good at their job.

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