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There are just so very few writing services that, when you read about them online, people rate them as the best college paper writing service. But in our research, the mention of an amazing college paper service just kept popping up in all those testimonials. If you take a small portion of time and spend it on reading College Paper reviews, whether they’re on the website or outside of it, you’ll get the feeling that you’ve finally found something great.

After we did our research and our own review, we realized that this is the service we’ve been waiting and hoping for so long. Those College Paper reviews showed the exact truth. But, if you want more detailed information, it’s time to read this College Paper review we did for you.

Key Features:

  • A discount code available that gets you 15% off your first order
  • Highly renowned and skilled writers
  • One of the most praised support teams on the market


‘’Ordering here was the best move I’ve taken since I started school. My friend kept telling me about them, but I was skeptic at first. Now I’m telling everyone I can find that college paper is an extraordinary service.’’

Tom Peterson

‘’This college paper writing service has changed my study years for the better. My grades went up because of them and I managed to graduate when I planned. I’m now a university student, something I also owe to them. One of their writers did my admission essay, the one that got me where I am now.’’

Maya Peters


We always begin by checking the services offered by the company, so that’s what we also did when we checked College Paper. From all the reviews we read, we got the idea that this service has a big scope of services to offer, but we didn’t expect it to get so big.

CollegePaper is a long-lasting service. Because of their good reputation and all those recommendations you read about in reviews, they’ve survived and thrived on the market for a very, very long time. In that time, their service list has grown and grown some more. Right now, it has everything we could think of. There’s nothing we have ever needed that isn’t in this list, which is great.


The pricing table almost changed our minds, to be honest. It’s a bit higher than what we’re used to, even with the top-rated companies like College Paper on the web. Even so, students keep mentioning great rates and great discounts, so we dug a little deeper to see what kind of money students spend here to get their assignments ready.

An essay of standard quality delivered in 10 days costs $23.30 here without the added discounts. That same essay costs $28.85 per page if delivered in 3 days and for the same quality. For premium quality, their most popular option, a four-day deadline brings a cost of $29.96 for a page without the discounts. The highest-priced quality, the platinum option, would cost $31.07 per page with a week-long deadline and without added discounts.

This isn’t something most can afford but thankfully, is known for its generosity. This generosity comes in the form of the many discounts discussed below.

Discounts and Special Offers

It is no secret that is a generous company – everyone knows it. Their loyalty program that goes up to 15% resembles their welcome program, also giving you 15% off the first order you make. Also, there are a handful of special offers popping up on the website and in the newsletter on customers’ emails throughout the year. Some of them go over 20% according to testimonials, so if you do choose to order here, brace yourself for some really good deals.


This is an essential part of a company’s success that depends mostly on the college paper writers the service works with and basically, manages. When you order on this website, they give your order to someone. That someone has to be experienced and skilled to do your task well in your behalf, deliver it when you requested it, and make your professors happy.

That’s exactly what the writer they picked for us did with our term paper. So far, we have never seen a term paper of such good quality and flawless style.

Customer Care

We shared our high praise of the writer’s work with customer care after speaking to them on several occasions. They did a masterful job too. Firstly, they stuck with us on the live chat while we placed the order. Secondly, they checked the progress when we asked and informed us in a couple of minutes. And lastly, they were some of the friendliest and most professional support representatives we’ve spoken to.


All in all, this is an amazing service. With something that gets really close to a spotless reputation and discounts that make spending money on papers more bearable, we can see now why they are so popular. The writers here are as dedicated as the support team and help students get through college without the stress and frustration. This company is definitely worth the praise it gets.

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