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Overview does not function as the majority of content-providing services on the market. This site is actually a market where you can get offers from the registered writers on an order you will place.

The concept seems to be nice, especially because not only you are able to pick your writer, but you are also able to rate them afterward. This helps eliminate those freelancers that have bad writing skills or are not fluent in the language. However, does this really guarantee that the writer you pick will deliver high-quality content?

Bid4Зapers Services

The website of the company is too simple and provides minimum information. This is why we were unable to find a full list of services, so we are unsure of which academic paper types they offer. Still, considering that this is a bidding website, you are able to post a request for any type of academic writing. Unfortunately, you are not guaranteed that many will apply to do a task that is more difficult, like for example, dissertations.

So, if your academic paper is more specific or complex, you may not have many writers to pick from when placing your order.


The site is simple due to the nature of the ordering process, so there is no pricing list available. You are actually considering and fixing the price with the writers that bid for your order. As expected, the most qualified writers that have the best feedback have higher bids than the others. So, if you decide to pick a writer for a low price, you may as well expect poor content.

The majority of writers that offer very low prices do not have any academic writing education and experience to start with. Because of this, we cannot put this site in the most affordable sites for ordering content. Even though there are amazingly low bids, you may as well throw out the paper that a bad writer sends you.
Depending on the writer you will choose, you may receive a paper of high-quality, within the deadline provided. However, if you still find some mistakes or flaws, you only have 24 hours for revision.

Discounts and Special Offers

Being a bidding site, it is expected that they do not have discounts and special offers. After all, you are directly communicating with the writers and deciding on the price with them. First-offer discounts or coupon codes are also non-existing.
In general, is a valid service that works in an interesting principle, but it is highly recommended that you choose only the highest-rated writers if you wish to receive good content.

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