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assignmentmasters review
9.6 / 10 points

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According to several online AssignmentMasters reviews, this agency is a popular and well-known writing service site that has been known to deliver the best, high-quality academic papers to students for several years.

The website of is quite modern and bright and offers papers written by highly-professional and qualified writers at very attractive prices. The number of services you will find here is quite impressive.

Additionally, the customer services will provide you with all the information about the academic papers you are looking for. This highly-reputable writing service is known best for providing custom assignment writing services.

Each and every assignment delivered is based on the exact instruction of the customer. If you are looking for an online writing service site, then AssignmentMasters will definitely live up to your expectations.


Several Assignment Masters reviews talk about the wide range of services the company is known to offer. AssignmentMasters is proud of this diverse range of services and presents them to students so that they can be reassured that their papers are in safe hands. Whether you are in high school, college, or a uni student, you will find almost all types of papers needed by students. Here are the main types of Assignment Masters essay writing services:

  • Creative writing: Thesis papers, dissertations, multiple-choice questions, case studies, and article critique
  • Statistic projects: Programming assignments, accounting homework, history homework, economics and finance assignments, and statistics projects
  • Academic writing: Scholarship essays, personal statements, essays on all major topics, coursework writing, and term papers
  • Custom writing: Proofreading solutions, PowerPoint presentations, formatting and editing services, and college homework help

Prices and Discounts is known to take care of its customers. In this spirit, the company has worked out some very pocket-friendly prices for assignments. Premium level writing is considered the most popular, according to an review. Hence, some prices you will see here include $19.99 per page for a 10-day deadline and $32.99 per page for a 24-hour deadline.

Additionally, you will also see Platinum-level services that deliver assignments written in the highest quality. The prices include $21.99 per page for a 20-day deadline, $26.99 per page for a 3-day deadline, and $34.99 per page for a 48-hour deadline.

Apart from these pocket-friendly price rates, AssignmentMasters is also known to offer some special deals and discounts to its customers. For instance, if you are ordering for the first time, you can avail a discount of 15% by jotting down the code ‘Master15.’ On top of the discount, you will also receive a free outline, free annotated bibliography, free bibliography page, and free formatting with every order you make later.


According to an AssignmentMastersreview, AssignmentMasters is known for delivering high-quality assignments, which includes references as well. The writers are clearly native and are the best in their respective fields and jobs. You also have the option of communicating with the writer. Most Assignment Masters reviews state that the paper was delivered well before the deadline, without any grammatical or spelling errors. 

Most of the assignments also include extra ideas and notes for students to develop if they choose to. Editing and formatting will be spotless. If need be, you can also ask for a revision or point out content that needs to be removed for free. All the papers are 100% plagiarism free and all your personal details like name, contact details, etc. will remain private.

Customer Care

An assignment writing service is only as good as its customer support. A good and on-time customer support plays an important role in the successful delivery of an order. Luckily, Assignment Masters’ customer support is probably the best you might have seen in all writing service sites. The service is highly responsive, as agreed by several reviews. The team is quite experienced and know when and what to answer to the customers.

Contacting the customer support team is extremely easy; you can do so via live chat, email, or phone number at any time. The waiting times are extremely short and the support team is knowledgeable and very friendly. They will be able to help you with everything ranging from placing the order to asking for revisions. The customer care team is quite impeccable here and professional with great work ethics.


The experience that we had with has been quite nice. The design of the main website, the quality of the writers, and the customer services led us to the conclusion that is definitely one of the best writing services site. The writers are all qualified and pay very close attention to the instructions; even the communication with the writers is continuous and on-going.

Additionally, the prices are also quite nice and, when coupled with the discounts, offer assignments at very low prices, thereby making it perfect for students who are always in a tight budget. In case you are not satisfied with the delivered assignment, you also have the option of using the revision program. All these positive aspects are tied together by a site that is extremely simple to use. Hence, you will see only the highest ratings for any review online.

All the positive Assignment Masters review comments you will see about this writing service site is 100% true. A certain Assignment Masters review stated that after trying dozens of writing service sites available, one user was finally happy and satisfied after landing on Assignment Masters.

Taking all the above points into consideration, we would highly recommend you to make use of Assignment Masters. For such pocket-friendly prices, you will not get any better quality anywhere else. Unlike several other writing sites, Assignment Masters exist to help students with their assignments, rather than make a profit out of them.

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College Paper review
9.8 / 10 points

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There are just so very few writing services that, when you read about them online, people rate them as the best college paper writing service. But in our research, the mention of an amazing college paper service just kept popping up in all those testimonials. If you take a small portion of time and spend it on reading College Paper reviews, whether they’re on the website or outside of it, you’ll get the feeling that you’ve finally found something great.

After we did our research and our own review, we realized that this is the service we’ve been waiting and hoping for so long. Those College Paper reviews showed the exact truth. But, if you want more detailed information, it’s time to read this College Paper review we did for you.

Key Features:

  • A discount code available that gets you 15% off your first order
  • Highly renowned and skilled writers
  • One of the most praised support teams on the market


‘’Ordering here was the best move I’ve taken since I started school. My friend kept telling me about them, but I was skeptic at first. Now I’m telling everyone I can find that college paper is an extraordinary service.’’

Tom Peterson

‘’This college paper writing service has changed my study years for the better. My grades went up because of them and I managed to graduate when I planned. I’m now a university student, something I also owe to them. One of their writers did my admission essay, the one that got me where I am now.’’

Maya Peters


We always begin by checking the services offered by the company, so that’s what we also did when we checked College Paper. From all the reviews we read, we got the idea that this service has a big scope of services to offer, but we didn’t expect it to get so big.

CollegePaper is a long-lasting service. Because of their good reputation and all those recommendations you read about in reviews, they’ve survived and thrived on the market for a very, very long time. In that time, their service list has grown and grown some more. Right now, it has everything we could think of. There’s nothing we have ever needed that isn’t in this list, which is great.


The pricing table almost changed our minds, to be honest. It’s a bit higher than what we’re used to, even with the top-rated companies like College Paper on the web. Even so, students keep mentioning great rates and great discounts, so we dug a little deeper to see what kind of money students spend here to get their assignments ready.

An essay of standard quality delivered in 10 days costs $23.30 here without the added discounts. That same essay costs $28.85 per page if delivered in 3 days and for the same quality. For premium quality, their most popular option, a four-day deadline brings a cost of $29.96 for a page without the discounts. The highest-priced quality, the platinum option, would cost $31.07 per page with a week-long deadline and without added discounts.

This isn’t something most can afford but thankfully, is known for its generosity. This generosity comes in the form of the many discounts discussed below.

Discounts and Special Offers

It is no secret that is a generous company – everyone knows it. Their loyalty program that goes up to 15% resembles their welcome program, also giving you 15% off the first order you make. Also, there are a handful of special offers popping up on the website and in the newsletter on customers’ emails throughout the year. Some of them go over 20% according to testimonials, so if you do choose to order here, brace yourself for some really good deals.


This is an essential part of a company’s success that depends mostly on the college paper writers the service works with and basically, manages. When you order on this website, they give your order to someone. That someone has to be experienced and skilled to do your task well in your behalf, deliver it when you requested it, and make your professors happy.

That’s exactly what the writer they picked for us did with our term paper. So far, we have never seen a term paper of such good quality and flawless style.

Customer Care

We shared our high praise of the writer’s work with customer care after speaking to them on several occasions. They did a masterful job too. Firstly, they stuck with us on the live chat while we placed the order. Secondly, they checked the progress when we asked and informed us in a couple of minutes. And lastly, they were some of the friendliest and most professional support representatives we’ve spoken to.


All in all, this is an amazing service. With something that gets really close to a spotless reputation and discounts that make spending money on papers more bearable, we can see now why they are so popular. The writers here are as dedicated as the support team and help students get through college without the stress and frustration. This company is definitely worth the praise it gets.

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StudyMoose review
3.3 / 10 points

If you are on the lookout for online writing services and have stumbled upon StudyMoose, then you must read this review before you place an order. After looking at multiple StudyMoose reviews, we are led to believe that this writing company is not worth your salt.

Furthermore, we ordered from them ourselves but were let down by their services on many fronts. Read this StudyMoose review to find out what this writing company lacks and why you shouldn’t take their assistance to get a custom essay.

Key Features

  • Limited services
  • Bidding System
  • Average quality papers


I chose StudyMoose after reading a few reviews online, and it was the biggest mistake of my life, hands down. Not only did I end up paying much more than I had originally planned on, the essay that I received was below my own writing level. Learn from my mistake and give this company a pass.” George Gamgee

I was pressed for time so I decided to order an Economics essay from But to my horror, it was delayed by a full week and I received no help at all from their customer service. I had no use for an overdue essay and ended up with an F. Never again will I avail their services, and neither should anybody else.” Peter Prezbelowski

Services at StudyMoose

At first glance, the company offers a healthy variety of essay writing services that is comparable to some of the other successful writing companies. But on closer inspection, it is clear that they have listed the same service in a different way in order to make their list look long.

Study Moose only offers the very basic services that one can expect from even the most lackluster writing companies. Though in the essay writing department they do offer their services in a variety of subjects, this does not help students who are looking for writing help for different types of assignments.

There are various Study Moose reviews that talk about legal issues that you run into. For instance, if you cannot use the essay that they provide due to deadline issues, then the essay belongs to the company and not to you. This is done chiefly so they can have more essays to display on their website.  


The basic price for a simple essay is marked at $13.90. But this can skyrocket once the essay writers bid on your paper and agree to write for you. Additionally, you will be required to pay an extra $10 just to talk to the writer, which is a queer policy. Your final price will depend on the type of service you require, the deadline, number of pages, and the expertise of the writer.

There is no price list given to clearly know the price which is one of the drawbacks of their pricing system. So, for purposes of this Study Moose review, we ordered a 5-page Economics essay with a 5-day deadline. We were astounded to know that your total had come up to over a hundred dollars which is way more than what a high school or a university student could afford to get an essay online.

Discounts and Special Offers

Since the company doesn’t have a concrete pricing system, there are no discounts provided for students. This can really upset people looking to get writing help but are tight on their budget. You can try to get a discount by contacting the customer care unit but they rarely provide one.


Now, let’s get to the meat of the matter. All the previous points are pardonable if the quality offered is worth an A grade. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case. The paper quality is average at best as can be seen from the free essays online on their website. Since the company employs the bidding system, all the writers are freelancers and though they maintain that they have expertise in their respective fields, their work says otherwise.

Some students claim that they received their paper full of grammatical errors and silly mistakes that clearly isn’t the hallmark of a professional writer. We would have taken such remarks with a grain of salt but since our own paper reflected high levels of incompetence we became more sympathetic towards such claims.

Customer Care

Study Moose maintains that their customer service is one of the best in the business. But you need only to contact them to understand that it is a flagrant lie. They take eons to reply, and when they do they hardly seem to be able to solve any issues. You can write them an email but don’t expect a prompt reply. You can call them but be prepared to talk to a non-native speaker.  


As you must have understood by now through this Study Moose review, this company is only average at best. They claim to offer the best possible services but cannot even provide a decent paper on time. Their services page itself highlights their work ethics which revolve around duping the students to thinking that they have all the services that you could ever require.

Their pricing system is based on bidding but since they charge their own basic fee on top of what the writers charge, the whole system seems to be designed to swindle you off your money. They won’t even provide proper discounts and are not at all catered towards serving the students. You can contact their customer service but have no expectations whatsoever of their agents.

As you can tell by this review, we would never recommend this company to anyone, unless they are dying to throw their money away. Students are better off taking their money somewhere they can actually get help with their assignments.

Best Essay Writing Services Review Review

EssayService review
3.9 / 10 points offers you many things at a low cost: ‘plagiarism-free paper written from scratch starting at $10 with a plagiarism report and free revisions included’. If this were all true, it would make this one of the most in-demand companies around. But, if it were true, we would be able to find more positive reviews. Instead, we found many EssayService reviews that spoke of plagiarism (but what about the report?), delays, as well as poor quality.

You should definitely know the truth, which is why we wrote this review.

Key Features of

  • An unlimited range of services.
  • Very low prices, but no discounts.
  • Bad reputation for the quality of content.
  • Unprofessional customer support service.

Testimonials from Users of Essay Service

I was tempted to buy here because it is a cheap service, no other particular reason. Now I think I should have given it a second thought because their reputation shows how bad things can get. My paper was delayed and had a lot of copied pieces in it.”

David Olivo

The writers at this company are some of the least experienced I’ve ever received papers from. My paper was ready to be thrown in the recycle bin, not to be submitted at school. Disastrous!”

Erica Noriega


One of the positive things we will be mentioning in this EssayService review is the service range. Since this is a bidding company and not an ordinary service (one that takes an order and finds you a writer for it), you can order whatever you want. Then, you have to wait for bids. Here is how the process goes:

  • You order any paper you need.
  • Writers who are available and interested make their bids.
  • You review the bidders’ profiles and price bids.
  • You choose the bid that you prefer and complete the order.

Chances are, you will get many bids for the order you make here. But if you don’t, the company does not guarantee that a certain number of writers have to bid on your order. So, they basically don’t guarantee any paper at all.


The only thing anyone can tell you about the prices here and the only thing we can share with you in our EssayService review is the minimal price and what we paid for our research paper. The minimum price you can choose from the bidders is $10. This is very low and to our big surprise, most of the bidders who chose our order to bid on chose exactly this amount per page. It is surprising because our paper was not for low academic quality and its deadline wasn’t exactly long. It was only 3 days away and we still got $10 bids on it.

Since there were many bidders, there was somewhat of a pricing range for us to choose from. The highest bid was for $15 per page, which is still considerably cheap. This is, indeed, a company where you can find extremely low prices, even though they cannot offer any type of discount.


Low prices always equal bad service, quality, or both. This case was not an exception, either. In fact, we had ranked both really low for several strong reasons.

The writer who we chose at EssayService had all the qualifications a perfect writer for our paper would need to have – and more. He had a PhD in the field, over 3 years of writing experience, and great feedback from other people who ordered from him.

When we chose him, we still couldn’t believe that such a writer can bid so low. But, soon after we received that research paper we ordered, we realized that something is really wrong here. There’s no chance that a writer with such qualifications would deliver such poor quality, not to mention one that has received positive testimonials.

At this point, we believe what many other students have said about the company – that they have fake writers’ profiles or do not check their writers’ backgrounds. But more importantly, they use fake positive testimonials to make their writers seem more credible and sell more papers.

There was a plagiarism report attached to our paper. If you order here, definitely check with an actual plagiarism scanner. The report said zero plagiarism as promised, but we actually found 32% of plagiarism when we checked outside the website. It’s a scam at the highest level!

Customer Care

The customer care here is completely unprofessional. They were all friendly and welcoming before we made an order. Once we paid and received the horrendous service we mentioned, they decided to be rude and after a while, irresponsive. At first, the support agent told us that they do not grant free revisions on the basis of plagiarism found in papers or poor quality. When we confronted them about this since it is pretty frustrating and unfair, they stopped replying on the live chat and answering the phone.


Many things can go wrong when you order from EssayService. Their free revisions are not truly a guarantee, and the plagiarism report is quite the scam. This company is truthful about being very cheap, but their quality is frequently a disappointment to customers. All of this led us to give them a poor rating and not recommend them to students. Review Review

edugeeksclub review
9.6 / 10 points

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The combination of some guarantees and qualities yield the best dissertation writing services available. According to EduGeeksClub reviews and their reputation, this company has all the expected features and more: quality, timely delivery, strong guarantees, and support service. However, before we unravel the details of this EduGeeksClub review, we should clarify one key detail – this is not exclusively a dissertation service. They provide all sorts of academic papers that we’ll discuss a bit later in this review. It is their dissertations that are most popular with customers, which says a lot about their expertise.

When you hear of such a popular service, you become eager to learn more about what they offer. Keep reading this EduGeeksClub review to find out more.

Key Features of

  • Big selection of writing services for all academic levels
  • A welcome discount of 15%
  • High and continuous reputation for good quality
  • Responsive and professional customer support

Testimonials by Users

“This service has been a true savior for me. I just placed an order for a 5-hour deadline two days ago. Not only did they manage to do the impossible and deliver it in time, but the quality was much better than anything I have received. “

Barbara Allen

“I constantly use EduGeeksClub. They never surprise me with plagiarism or delay my papers. The quality is always spotless. Their support is really professional, too, and they give me 15% on every order I make at this point.”

Steven Fletcher


One of the many reasons why this company takes a high spot in the best essay writing service reviews is their service list. People who work here are known to masterfully write even the hardest papers. That’s probably why this company is so highly praised for dissertation, theses, and big research paper writing.

Thanks to their loyalty programs and promotions, you can order here regularly. That’s even more available considering that they have all sorts of papers offered here. Their service list includes all essay types, dissertations and individual chapters, reports, reviews, articles, coursework, homework, presentations, and projects. On top of ‘writing from scratch services’, the list also has editing, proofreading, and admission papers.


Prices at EduGeeksClub are determined based on several factors: quality standard, deadline, type of paper, and the number of pages. For some of their services such as dissertations, they use academic level instead of quality standard for determining the rates. You can see all of their prices in the pricing table on the website.

The majority of services share the same starting price here – $19.99 per page. This price applies to essays, research papers, reviews, reports, articles, term papers, homework, coursework, and many other services of Standard quality. It also applies to dissertation services for the high school level.

For the majority of papers, the longest deadline is 10 days. For projects like dissertations, the longest deadline is 2 months. On top of their rates, customers are able to enjoy various discounts. Their discount offers include:

  • 15% newcomers discount (to use it you need to enter a code ‘geeks15’ or mark this field in the order form;
  • Up to 15% loyalty discounts for loyal customers (these offers are lifelong, which means that they can be used on all future orders as soon as you meet the requirements for a discount);
  • Various promotional and seasonal offers in their newsletter and their homepage;

Even though their original prices are not extremely low as students wish for, these discounts make things much more appealing when you’re dealing with a low budget.


The reputation of the service can tell you a lot about them. That can also be applied in this case. is a very popular service and the quality they delivered when we ordered was evidence of this.

To examine the quality of writers, we requested their most popular service – dissertation. We ordered two individual dissertation chapters on which we were given 15% off as new customers. The price was ideal for an average student budget.

Our order arrived right on schedule and looked ideal. It had proper formatting and perfect bibliography. The writer obviously followed our formatting instructions. We checked for plagiarism and the results were 0% on both chapters – also amazing. Lastly, when we read the content, there wasn’t a thing we would want to be changed. So, we never opted for their free revisions, but you should still know that they have this guarantee.

Customer Care

The customer support of is more than capable of helping their many customers. They have several means for contact: e-mail, live chat, and toll-free phone number. You can choose any of these and expect fast service. We used the live chat as the fastest, free for everyone, and easily accessible service. We got an almost instant response and the agent did her job marvelously.


Today it is hard to find a writing company that adheres to all the requirements students have. Not to mention, it is hard to find one that does what they promise to customers. We finally managed to find one of the rare ones. This company has everything that makes a writing service legit and trustworthy – quality services and support, a big range of services, and good prices for students. Review Review

HomeWorkMarket review
3.2 / 10 points

We were surprised to see the concept of It’s unique to the industry since there’s a “social” aspect to the platform. You can see what projects students are ordering, and who makes the bid. There’s a bid chat, which connects the students to teachers.

But there’s a problem: as you refresh the page, you’ll see that the professors and projects change all the time. You see a “Prof Bila Shaka” logging in this second, but when you refresh the page, the list shows completely different activities. This is an automated chart that has nothing to do with the real activity on the platform. Let’s be honest: even the most popular writing service doesn’t get new orders every second.

But our readers were requesting a HomeWorkMarket review, and we’re here to deliver.

We thought that HomeWorkMarket was a complete mess. But we still ordered a paper and we’ll share the impressions.

Key Features

  • Messy interface
  • Expensive bids
  • Unqualified writers


“I ordered a history essay from HomeWork Market. It took three days for two writers to bid. One of them said they had a degree in computer sciences, and the other one didn’t want to tell me what degree they had. I didn’t hire the service. It’s just a waste of time.”

Brittany K.

“I don’t recommend I got a disaster of a paper and the writer disappeared when I tried to get it revised. They stopped responding to my messages and I was left hanging. A refund was out of the question, they said.”

Robert J.


You won’t find a clear list of services. HomeWork Market allows you to post any question for its writing team, and you’ll start getting bids.

Do you know how freelancing platforms work? The principle is the same. The clients post tasks, and the writers bid on them. The difference is that those platforms are controlled and safe. We know nothing about this service. The writers don’t show up with their real names. No one guarantees for the quality you get.

That being said, you can order any kind of assignment and wait to see if someone competes for it. We ordered a psychology essay and we received bids from four writers within one day.


According to the HomeWorkMarket reviews that we checked, the students weren’t happy with the prices. They are paying over $100 for a simple two-page essay here.

We paid $150 for a psychology essay of three pages, with a deadline of five days. That’s a very expensive price.

That’s the trick with bidding services. Students often avoid the lowest bid, since it usually indicates an inexperienced writer. That’s why they end up spending more money than they would invest in a high-quality writing service, such as RushMyEssay for example. On RushMyEssay, you get fixed prices with no hidden costs. Here, you don’t know what the price is. You spend an entire day trying to hire a writer, and you end up paying more.

Discounts and Special Offers

The way that this service is designed does not leave space for any discounts and special offers. If you want the most affordable price, you can choose the cheapest writer.

We tried negotiating the price with the four writers who bid on our order. Apparently, they received instructions not to drop their prices. No one was willing to give us a discount.

Based on the HomeWork Market reviews that we located so far, no one gets a discount on this website.


For our psychology essay, we got bids from four writers who didn’t seem related to the field at all. We checked the profiles of the writers. One of them was focused on completing IT assignments, but she said she had a great interest in psychology. The other three writers were all over the place. They had listed essays from history, literature, biology, and all other areas of study. One of the writers had listed a psychology essay and the student left a good review. So we went for that one.

Home Work Market does not protect your investment. Once you pay the money, consider it gone. You cannot complain to a higher authority who controls the writers and the quality they deliver. We were lucky to get the paper on time, but that was it. This was not a professionally written paper. It lacked a proper academic tone. Although we emphasized the fact that the paper was for an MA student, the writer didn’t seem to care. They wrote a childish essay that made no sense.

Customer Care

We tried getting the essay revised, but our efforts didn’t result with any solution.

We noticed the same complaints across all HomeWorkMarket reviews: the students who weren’t happy with the results couldn’t get revisions and refunds no matter how many times they complained.

If you want to contact the support before you become a user, you have to create a profile by providing your email. We did that. It took a few hours for someone to respond to our questions, but we got an answer.

When we tried to get revisions and our writer was nowhere to be found, we contacted the support again. Surprise, surprise: they disappeared, too.


“Is HomeWork Market legit?” We received that question from several students so we decided to check. It’s not a good writing service. They took our money and didn’t bother to deliver what we needed.

Let’s sum up this HomeWork Market review with a recommendation to check the other evaluations on our site. You’ll find much better services than this one. Review Review

TrustMyPaper review
4.2 / 10 points

As soon as you land on, you see an order form. This is unusual. We’re used to seeing a few guarantees and details about the company and its team before we get to the ordering point.

To get those details about TrustMyPaper, you’ll have to do a lot of scrolling and browsing. The content on the homepage is general, without giving you any specifics about the guarantees and terms. Even the quotes are difficult to come by.

But that’s what we’re here for. We’re about to answer a major question that students have: is Trust My Paper legit? Does it deliver great work? Does everything work as promised?

We tested the company through a real order. Read this Trust My Paper review to get the details.

Key Features of TrustMyPaper

  • Average prices (not too affordable; not too expensive)
  • The quality is lower than expected
  • The website is confusing and not informative enough


“I didn’t do my research before hiring Trust My Paper. What a dumb mistake. The essay was ridiculous. They claim to be professional writers, but I’m sure I’ll write a million times better paper myself.”

Kathy B.

“This service did what I feared the most: missed my deadline. By two days! They didn’t bother answering my requests for a refund.”

Milan R.


TrustMyPaper has an OK list of services. It’s not impressive, but it covers most needs of students who wonder: “Can someone write my paper online?”

The list is available in the price calculator. It includes basic paper, such as an essay, term paper, coursework assignment, research paper, book report, book review, movie review, lab report, article, PowerPoint presentation, and a few other types of assignments.

Dissertations and thesis papers are not included in this list. It’s weird that we’re glad about that fact. When you read about the quality of the essay we got, you’ll understand what we mean.

Basically, the company offers essay writing services for high-school and college level students. Yes; PhD and MA quality levels are available in the form. But this team is not capable of achieving such a level.


Before we started our own evaluation, we went through several Trust My Paper reviews, saying that the prices were very expensive. When we checked the price chart, we didn’t fully agree with that impression. The prices seem average considering the trends in the essay writing industry.

However, that doesn’t mean they are reasonable. We can talk about cost-effectiveness only when we evaluate the effectiveness. At the end of the day, we agreed: these prices are way too expensive for the lack of quality and attention to detail that this team shows.

The starting price for an essay is $12.99 per page. That’s for the deadline of 14 days combined with the High School quality level. If you want Doctoral level with a deadline of 3 hours, the price will be $52.99 per page.

Discounts and Special Offers

As a new customer, you can get a discount of 17%. You only need to check the box that says “I’m a new customer.” That’s a good deal.

When we read TrustMyPaper reviews, we realized that most students decided to use this service because of that deal.

For those who keep placing orders, discounts of 5%, 10%, and 15% are available. But to get a discount of 5%, you have to spend at least $399.00 through multiple orders. Given the fact that the company doesn’t produce great quality, we’re not sure if anyone ever benefits from the loyalty program.


Here’s the fun part: we ordered an essay so that we could test the service and give you a reliable TrustMyPaper review.

If we look at the prices, we’ll see that they are trying to match the trends set by some of the best paper writing services. That’s why we expected a match in the quality as well.

But we were very disappointed with the treatment that we got. We submitted a really detailed order form with all the needed instructions for a high-quality literature essay. We requested the author to elaborate on the topic of British literature from the 18th century. He wrote about Willian Shakespeare, who was active in the 16th and 17th centuries. The point was completely missed.

To make things worse, the essay was plagiarized. From Wikipedia!

We immediately requested revisions once we saw the disaster of an essay that we got. That’s when we discovered the other major flaw of this company: the support system. Let’s get to that point.

Customer Care

It’s non-existent.

No one responded to our messages.

We had a valid reason for requesting a review. In fact, we didn’t need a review. We needed the author to start from scratch and write an entirely new paper since this one didn’t make any sense. But our messages were ignored.

Then we started demanding a refund, quoting the terms and conditions, providing screenshots of the order form, and explaining how the author missed the point. All this effort for nothing. All the messages were ignored. Sadly, the customer support system evaluation is the worst part of our review. The writer at least delivered something.


To sum up this TrustMyPaper review, we have to warn students against ordering papers here.

The company might be good for high school students. But you’ll have to check the essay several times, making sure the author followed your requirements. If a student submitted the paper that we got, they would fail miserably. None of the instructions were followed.

We recommend you to go through our site and check a few other reviews. For example, BestEssay has similar prices to this company, but the quality is much, much better. Review Review

Easy Essay review
9.3 / 10 points

Visit Site is a convenient and effective site for students to get their tasks done professionally. We have received many questions from college students trying to find out the validity of the website. For a start, we can say that this essay service is excellent. However, we aren’t only guessing the answer. We took the time and did thorough research of the service to come up with this Easy Essay review.


Easy essay delivers a variety of services tailored to student needs. This includes:

  • Research papers.
  • Essays.
  • Term papers.
  • Coursework.  
  • Thesis papers.  
  • Book reports.
  • Case studies.

For non-students, you can order anything from a business plan to a research summary, assessment, or marketing plan. Of course, the entire list of services is more extensive than this, as you will see from their site. The advantage is that some of the services offered here are mostly unavailable in other websites.

The writers here are all seasoned professionals. Some have become veterans thanks to their extended experience writing. Therefore, you can trust them to deliver quality and original content.


The fact that pricing is a principal factor for students made this writing company strategic. They seem to understand the plight of students, who mostly work under limited budgets. For this reason, based on various Easy Essay reviews online, the site charges one of the most affordable rates to students. Starting at $17.99 for an essay, the price point is pretty decent for most, if not all, students. Please note that the price will depend on, among other things, the level of urgency. The more urgent the work is, the higher you will have to pay. We would advise you to make an early order and avoid a last-minute rush, especially when operating under a stringent budget.

Aside from having a clear chart showing the prices, you can also use a price calculator to determine the cost of your assignment through their homepage.

Discounts And Special Offers

Besides their competitive prices, they also offer discounts to help students save more. For example, you can get up to 23% off the first order you make on the site. Also, as a loyal customer, you stand to enjoy 5-15% off on orders, especially when you keep on ordering through the website. The amount of work you submit, in pages, mostly determines what percentage of discount you get. The higher the volume, the higher the discount percentage. As a student, nothing sounds sweeter to the ears than discounts and special offers, of course, in addition to lower prices.

To access their offer as a newbie on the site, you need to use a coupon or discount code, which they will provide.


All the information we have on Easy Essay is based on our direct experience with the site. We do not merely rely on reviews online. Instead, we try to do our research by breaking down the site gradually. This is not just for this essay writing service, but for all the rest too.

Therefore, in this light, we decided to place an order with Easy Essay to see what type of work they deliver to clients. We made an order of a standard essay with a deadline of one day. We wanted to test their speed with this tight deadline and see whether they practice what they preach. Nonetheless, their discount made it cheaper for us since it was the first time placing an order with them.

Immediately after placing the order, we got a confirmation message acknowledging receipt by the company. One of their customer service agents then responded to us directly and linked us up with one of their writers. Throughout the task period, the writer kept on communicating with us and reassuring us that the job would be ready within the stipulated deadline. He equally assured us of immense quality, even before starting the assignment. He did not even mind accepting more instructions, which we gave to check the diligence and responsiveness of the writers.

True to their pledge, we can confirm in this review that we got the essay delivered to us in less than 24 hours. Regarding the quality, it was top-notch in every sense of the term. They made zero grammatical errors, and the content was all original without a speck of plagiarism, as per the software we used to check. This essay could quickly get an A from a tutor.

Customer Care

The core of any company is the customer care department. This is where most businesses have the edge over the competition. According to an review, they have a potent customer service desk. Their customer service team is present 24/7, which gives customers the chance to communicate at any time of the day or night. Their response time is almost instantaneous since you only hold on for a short while. Their agents are equally quite friendly and will make you feel like you were speaking to close friends. Besides, their live chat option, you can similarly contact them directly through the phone or email.


As you have seen in the review above, Easy Essay is a reliable and excellent writing company, which you can trust with all of your writings. It is an edge over competitors through the quality of work, amazing features, and affordable pricing. Review Review

SameDayEssay review
4.1 / 10 points

There are hundreds of essay writing services that have popped up in the market that provide students with essays and assignments. But not all of them are made equal. Looking for a reliable essay writing service is like finding a needle in a haystack. You should know all about fraudulent services as well as you know about the ones that are reliable and trustworthy.

If you have heard about or are looking to order from this company, read this review first and heed our advice. While reviewing this writing service, we looked at all their key features and compared it to the various testimonials and other reviews to come up with an objective analysis. The resultant review is a synthesis of our investigations and assessment of all the services, their key features, prices, and quality.

Key Features

  • Reasonable prices
  • Low-quality essays
  • Unreliable customer support
  • Wide variety of services


“I ordered from this service after I visited their website a month ago. In all honesty, it was perhaps the worst essay service that I have ever received from an online writing company. Although I didn’t spend much, the money still went to waste as I could not use the essay that they provided.” Peter Handscomb

“Worst writing service ever! Do not waste your money here. I ordered my High School Literature essay some time back and what I received shocked me. When I asked for a refund, the customer support would not oblige and left me hanging. Never again will I order from Same Day Essay again.” – Elizabeth Brown


SameDayEssay has a wide variety of services that it offers since it focuses only on academic writing. Students can take writing help and order everything from a simple essay, case study, article, all the way to all the chapters of a doctoral dissertation. Same Day Essay caters to students of all academic levels, including High school, Masters, and Ph.D. students.

However, there are issues with certain aspects such as essay writing and rewrites. After going through multiple SameDayEssay reviews, we found out that the rewrites are not of a professional standard. The writers simply tweak online content that is not unique at all but will pass through plagiarism checks. They won’t even provide references to the sources which speaks volumes of their work ethics.

The same goes for essay writing as well. Since all that the writers do is simply change the structure of the content taken from online sources, there is nothing original about the content that students receive. It comes as no surprise then that there are multiple negative SameDayEssay review pages online.


The only salvaging aspect of SameDayEssay is its pricing. The lowest price stands at $14.05 per page for high school essays with a 20-day deadline. However, if you are a Ph.D. student looking for a dissertation in an hour, you can expect to pay around $53.43 per page. There are multiple deadline options available on the website for you to choose from. The prices aren’t too cheap so there is no reason to be overly suspicious, but they aren’t too expensive either.

Discounts and Special Offers

There is a 15% discount available for new users, which is the industry standard. Other than that, there are interesting promotional offers that you get once you register and start ordering. As soon as you become a member, you get access to a personal virtual account. After ordering your first paper, 10% of the total cost goes to this account. From then onwards, 5% of every order goes to the account. The money accumulated can be used to order essays and assignments in the future.

Although this seems like a unique offer, it is no different from the loyalty programs that most writing services have. While digging through student testimonial for our Same Day Essay review, we uncovered that sometimes the virtual account does not reflect the balance. Additionally, the website claims to provide extra bonuses from time to time, but students have never received such offers.

10 Best Essay Writing Services


Now to the meat of the matter – does this writing service deliver good content? First of all, there are no samples available on the website for students to take a look at and know for themselves whether ordering from this writing service is worth it or not.

For our Same Day Essay review, the only way for us to assess the quality was to order an argumentative literature essay on Crime and Punishment. We made it very clear that we didn’t want a book review, but an argumentative essay on any single theme of the book.

What did we get? The only that we had asked them not to give: a book review. After spending some time on Goodreads, we found where the writers had lifted the content from. This lack of originality and plagiarism is well highlighted in many other Same Day Essay reviews as well.

Customer Care

The writing service allows students to get in touch with the support staff via telephone and live chat. However, the staff is unresponsive and will leave you hanging, especially if you ask for a refund. Sometimes, as is noted in various student reviews, the customer support agents will deny a rewrite as well.


Owing to a large number of issues, we are not able to provide a positive SameDayEssay review. Although they do offer a variety of services, they are not able to provide quality content and good customer support – two factors that make up the backbone of any online writing service.

Their discount and price range may pass the industry standards, but their work ethics are certainly of a dubious nature. The writers at the Same Day Essay are just not professional enough to write original content that is plagiarism-free. We wouldn’t recommend this online writing service to our worst enemies.