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Reading about Academized made us wonder about many things. First of all, we needed to answer our biggest question: is Academized legit? This service looks professional and really promising and yet, they have failed too many students to consider them reliable. We know this because we have read way too many bad Academized reviews to believe their statements. For example, they claim to deliver everything before the expected deadline. But, there are dozens of reviews that show otherwise.

You are probably as intrigued to learn more about them as we were at this point. If you need some answers, we recommend that you keep reading this detailed review of Academized.

Looking ahead, you can read our GrabMyEssay review as we had a very similar experience while checking this service.

Services Offered

There are plenty of things you can order from Academized. Their papers are everything a student gets assigned from high school until he gets his PhD. They are separated into several categories:

  • Academic paper writing (coursework, term papers, essays, research papers, book reports, book reviews, case studies, lab reports, etc.)
  • Rewriting
  • Math/ Physics/ Economics/ Statistics problems
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Copywriting
  • Admission services
  • Dissertation services
  • Resume and CV services
  • Multiple-choice questions

This list gives you the chance to get all your assignments in one place. That is, of course, if you’re satisfied by what you read in this review.

Prices and Discounts

It is no wonder why we could hardly find an impressive Academized review. The service is too cheap to be true. Students who haven’t ordered from cheap companies before don’t know this. But, when a service is willing to charge you $10 for a page of custom content, they are hardly likely to work with qualified writers. Quality content costs more than this. In some of the top-rated paper writing services, the original prices are nearly double from this amount.

Most of the academic writing tasks at this service come at the same cost. The minimum is $12.99, but that is before you add their discounts. Yes, there are also discounts at this cheap company. The Academized discount code will give you 15% off your initial order. If you like it and decide to order more, you’ll join their loyalty program.

The loyalty program is similar to that of other companies. Many companies offer the same. They give you a 5%, 10% or 15% discount based on how much you have ordered before. The more you order there, the higher the offer. These are lifelong discounts, which means that they apply to all future orders when you meet the requirements for them.


So far, things would seem ideal to any student. We know better when we see such low prices, but these companies use low rates to trick students to buy before checking the service’s reputation. When we reached a point where we waited for a paper here, we already knew a lot about the service because we did our due diligence for this Academized review. Our expectations were generally low, but nothing could prepare us for what came.

At first, nothing came. We waited for an entire day after the deadline to only receive it 26 hours later. No excuse, no explanation – just the paper that came to our profile for us to download. We even asked what is happening, but they didn’t answer at all.

This wasn’t even the worst part. The worst was the paper. The quality is what makes this Academized review one of the most frustrating we have written. Our writer, the person who worked on the term paper, did a terrible job with the research, with the paper, and even with the language. Most of it was impossible to understand and therefore, impossible to edit or fix. Finally, there was 26% of plagiarism in the paper that our scanner found. That’s even worse than free essays at 123HelpMe.


While we were waiting for the delayed term paper, we did our best to speak to their support. The phone is no good – they never answer the phone calls. When we spoke to a live chat agent, we realized that they probably do this to avoid angry customers. When we told him that our paper was 10 hours late, he simply vanished. We never got an answer after that, not even when we wrote back about the bad quality.

General Impression

Academized is no good in almost every sense of the word. Yes, their rates are pretty impressive and the discounts, too. But without any responsibility from the service for the terrible work of their writers, what good is this company to students?

Do We Recommend

We wouldn’t recommend this service to you. If you want your papers of good quality and on time, this is not a service you can trust to do it. Our case is not even the only one. The worst thing is that when their writers fail, the company takes no steps to fix this.

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