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This company defines itself as the ‘academic writing workspace’. However, this is not a place where you get tutored or actually work with the writers to complete a paper. The answer to your question ‘is Study bay legit’ might be positive, but this is still one of the many writing companies, nothing more. In this Studybay review, we’ll show you what you can expect from the writers employed there. Read on.

1. How Studybay Works?

At first, we thought that this is a bidding company, but then we checked out the Studybay reviews and learned that they have fixed rates for the papers they write. The only thing that is similar to bidding services is that customers can select the writer they want to be working on their paper once they submit the order.

As great as this sounds, it still comes with some risks and is somewhat time-consuming. That being said, you should approach this very carefully in order to make a good choice for a writer. When companies pass on this obligation onto their customers, they also pass on the responsibility ofor what kind of writer they’ll choose.

2. Types of Writings Study Bay Offers

Now that we’ve told you how the process goes, you must be wondering how to choose a good writer on Studybay. Well, according to them, all their writers are experienced and great. But, since no one writer can know it all, it will all depend on the type of writing you need to be done.

You’ll be pleased to hear that the types of writings here are numerous, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding what you need. But, the number of writers that are available will vary every time you order, so you might not be able to find the perfect fit at your first attempt.

3. Prices and Discounts

Customers are offered a $5 bonus on the first order and aside from this offer, there’s nothing else in the discount category they give out. But, when you hear about their discounts, it will become very clear why they can’t really give more discounts – they are pretty cheap.

This usually amazes students and makes them want to order right away, but in our experience, such low rates aren’t good news. They often indicate that the writers aren’t very qualified or the company needs to use tricks to invite customers to buy. In this case, rates of $13 per page for an essay within 2 days is ridiculously low, which raised many red flags for us. The prices on Studybay are lower than those of most companies, and while this may sound great to you, it definitely makes a person think twice before buying.

That’s just one of the funny rates we saw. A dissertation here can be found at $5 for a page with a deadline of two weeks. This is a price that is unheard of in most writing companies, even if you order months ahead.

This placed the biggest focus of our review on the quality offered.

4. Quality and Guarantees

We have read so many bad things about the company that we started asking ourselves the question: ‘is Studybay cheating’. Our Study Bay review resulted in so many negative things and we read hundreds of bad comments about their quality and guarantees, that we cannot stop but think that the company isn’t who they say they are.

That’s why we tested this theory to check what they really offer. It turned out that the quality is really devastating and unfortunately, they hardly ever do anything to amend this for their customers.

5. Customer Support

When someone delivers a paper of bad quality, in this case one that isn’t really written by the selected writer, you are entitled for a refund. But, a Studybay refund is basically non-existent, even though it is mentioned in one of their guarantees.

It turns out that, despite the fact that writers’ profiles are obviously fake and the company works with barely fluent English speakers, this does not make you eligible to a refund of any kind. You can only get a free revision.

6. Additional Features

We’ve encountered no additional features in addition to the common ones such as formatting, bibliography, title page, and the revisions. Usually in other companies, students are offered to pay extra to choose a specific writer. But, since in this company you get that as a prerequisite and not an option, there isn’t a cost attached to it. Judged by what others say in the reviews, you shouldn’t expect to pay extra when you place your order.


  1. Gives out a $5 bonus to new customers.
  2. Lets you choose your own writer.
  3. Has pretty high rates.
  4. Has a very poor reputation with customers.
  5. The customer service doesn’t follow up on guarantees.
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