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HomeWorkMarket review
3.2 / 10 points

We were surprised to see the concept of It’s unique to the industry since there’s a “social” aspect to the platform. You can see what projects students are ordering, and who makes the bid. There’s a bid chat, which connects the students to teachers.

But there’s a problem: as you refresh the page, you’ll see that the professors and projects change all the time. You see a “Prof Bila Shaka” logging in this second, but when you refresh the page, the list shows completely different activities. This is an automated chart that has nothing to do with the real activity on the platform. Let’s be honest: even the most popular writing service doesn’t get new orders every second.

But our readers were requesting a HomeWorkMarket review, and we’re here to deliver.

We thought that HomeWorkMarket was a complete mess. But we still ordered a paper and we’ll share the impressions.

Key Features

  • Messy interface
  • Expensive bids
  • Unqualified writers


“I ordered a history essay from HomeWork Market. It took three days for two writers to bid. One of them said they had a degree in computer sciences, and the other one didn’t want to tell me what degree they had. I didn’t hire the service. It’s just a waste of time.”

Brittany K.

“I don’t recommend I got a disaster of a paper and the writer disappeared when I tried to get it revised. They stopped responding to my messages and I was left hanging. A refund was out of the question, they said.”

Robert J.


You won’t find a clear list of services. HomeWork Market allows you to post any question for its writing team, and you’ll start getting bids.

Do you know how freelancing platforms work? The principle is the same. The clients post tasks, and the writers bid on them. The difference is that those platforms are controlled and safe. We know nothing about this service. The writers don’t show up with their real names. No one guarantees for the quality you get.

That being said, you can order any kind of assignment and wait to see if someone competes for it. We ordered a psychology essay and we received bids from four writers within one day.


According to the HomeWorkMarket reviews that we checked, the students weren’t happy with the prices. They are paying over $100 for a simple two-page essay here.

We paid $150 for a psychology essay of three pages, with a deadline of five days. That’s a very expensive price.

That’s the trick with bidding services. Students often avoid the lowest bid, since it usually indicates an inexperienced writer. That’s why they end up spending more money than they would invest in a high-quality writing service, such as RushMyEssay for example. On RushMyEssay, you get fixed prices with no hidden costs. Here, you don’t know what the price is. You spend an entire day trying to hire a writer, and you end up paying more.

Discounts and Special Offers

The way that this service is designed does not leave space for any discounts and special offers. If you want the most affordable price, you can choose the cheapest writer.

We tried negotiating the price with the four writers who bid on our order. Apparently, they received instructions not to drop their prices. No one was willing to give us a discount.

Based on the HomeWork Market reviews that we located so far, no one gets a discount on this website.


For our psychology essay, we got bids from four writers who didn’t seem related to the field at all. We checked the profiles of the writers. One of them was focused on completing IT assignments, but she said she had a great interest in psychology. The other three writers were all over the place. They had listed essays from history, literature, biology, and all other areas of study. One of the writers had listed a psychology essay and the student left a good review. So we went for that one.

Home Work Market does not protect your investment. Once you pay the money, consider it gone. You cannot complain to a higher authority who controls the writers and the quality they deliver. We were lucky to get the paper on time, but that was it. This was not a professionally written paper. It lacked a proper academic tone. Although we emphasized the fact that the paper was for an MA student, the writer didn’t seem to care. They wrote a childish essay that made no sense.

Customer Care

We tried getting the essay revised, but our efforts didn’t result with any solution.

We noticed the same complaints across all HomeWorkMarket reviews: the students who weren’t happy with the results couldn’t get revisions and refunds no matter how many times they complained.

If you want to contact the support before you become a user, you have to create a profile by providing your email. We did that. It took a few hours for someone to respond to our questions, but we got an answer.

When we tried to get revisions and our writer was nowhere to be found, we contacted the support again. Surprise, surprise: they disappeared, too.


“Is HomeWork Market legit?” We received that question from several students so we decided to check. It’s not a good writing service. They took our money and didn’t bother to deliver what we needed.

Let’s sum up this HomeWork Market review with a recommendation to check the other evaluations on our site. You’ll find much better services than this one. 

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