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EssayService review
3.9 / 10 points offers you many things at a low cost: ‘plagiarism-free paper written from scratch starting at $10 with a plagiarism report and free revisions included’. If this were all true, it would make this one of the most in-demand companies around. But, if it were true, we would be able to find more positive reviews. Instead, we found many EssayService reviews that spoke of plagiarism (but what about the report?), delays, as well as poor quality.

You should definitely know the truth, which is why we wrote this review.

Key Features of

  • An unlimited range of services.
  • Very low prices, but no discounts.
  • Bad reputation for the quality of content.
  • Unprofessional customer support service.

Testimonials from Users of Essay Service

I was tempted to buy here because it is a cheap service, no other particular reason. Now I think I should have given it a second thought because their reputation shows how bad things can get. My paper was delayed and had a lot of copied pieces in it.”

David Olivo

The writers at this company are some of the least experienced I’ve ever received papers from. My paper was ready to be thrown in the recycle bin, not to be submitted at school. Disastrous!”

Erica Noriega


One of the positive things we will be mentioning in this EssayService review is the service range. Since this is a bidding company and not an ordinary service (one that takes an order and finds you a writer for it), you can order whatever you want. Then, you have to wait for bids. Here is how the process goes:

  • You order any paper you need.
  • Writers who are available and interested make their bids.
  • You review the bidders’ profiles and price bids.
  • You choose the bid that you prefer and complete the order.

Chances are, you will get many bids for the order you make here. But if you don’t, the company does not guarantee that a certain number of writers have to bid on your order. So, they basically don’t guarantee any paper at all.


The only thing anyone can tell you about the prices here and the only thing we can share with you in our EssayService review is the minimal price and what we paid for our research paper. The minimum price you can choose from the bidders is $10. This is very low and to our big surprise, most of the bidders who chose our order to bid on chose exactly this amount per page. It is surprising because our paper was not for low academic quality and its deadline wasn’t exactly long. It was only 3 days away and we still got $10 bids on it.

Since there were many bidders, there was somewhat of a pricing range for us to choose from. The highest bid was for $15 per page, which is still considerably cheap. This is, indeed, a company where you can find extremely low prices, even though they cannot offer any type of discount.


Low prices always equal bad service, quality, or both. This case was not an exception, either. In fact, we had ranked both really low for several strong reasons.

The writer who we chose at EssayService had all the qualifications a perfect writer for our paper would need to have – and more. He had a PhD in the field, over 3 years of writing experience, and great feedback from other people who ordered from him.

When we chose him, we still couldn’t believe that such a writer can bid so low. But, soon after we received that research paper we ordered, we realized that something is really wrong here. There’s no chance that a writer with such qualifications would deliver such poor quality, not to mention one that has received positive testimonials.

At this point, we believe what many other students have said about the company – that they have fake writers’ profiles or do not check their writers’ backgrounds. But more importantly, they use fake positive testimonials to make their writers seem more credible and sell more papers.

There was a plagiarism report attached to our paper. If you order here, definitely check with an actual plagiarism scanner. The report said zero plagiarism as promised, but we actually found 32% of plagiarism when we checked outside the website. It’s a scam at the highest level!

Customer Care

The customer care here is completely unprofessional. They were all friendly and welcoming before we made an order. Once we paid and received the horrendous service we mentioned, they decided to be rude and after a while, irresponsive. At first, the support agent told us that they do not grant free revisions on the basis of plagiarism found in papers or poor quality. When we confronted them about this since it is pretty frustrating and unfair, they stopped replying on the live chat and answering the phone.


Many things can go wrong when you order from EssayService. Their free revisions are not truly a guarantee, and the plagiarism report is quite the scam. This company is truthful about being very cheap, but their quality is frequently a disappointment to customers. All of this led us to give them a poor rating and not recommend them to students.

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