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essaysmaster review
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First impression is very important for websites, which is why most of them spend a great amount of time and put effort into making it appear professional. Despite a professional-looking website, we weren’t impressed by how EssaysMaster organized the site or the information they provide to customers. All the key information we needed for this Essays Master review was out there, but there were many mistakes in content, poor choice of wording, and other things that made us wonder: is this really a company that offers writing services?

Still, we didn’t want to judge a service based solely on appearance, which is why we proceeded to check some EssaysMaster reviews that would show us what kind of a reputation this company has. As you know, reputation is essential for such services, but the majority of Essays Master reviews we read were on a negative note.

All of this research for our Essays Master review started on a disappointing note, but we decided to proceed. Read on to learn what we discovered.

Key Features of EssaysMaster

  • Has a poor reputation with customers due to plagiarism and quality issues
  • Support is available non-stop, but is unprofessional
  • Offers an attractive welcome discount of 15%

Testimonials by Users of Essays Master

“I chose this company because it looked good, and it wasn’t so cheap that it would make me doubt them. It’s my fault, I know, buying from a place I know nothing about. The result was bad. It came on time but I spent half an hour trying to figure out what they wanted to say. Finally, I wrote my own paper and tossed this one.”

Rebecca Sutton

“If you want quality, this is not the place to go to. They have decent prices, but that is simply not enough for me. The support is rude and writers are average. Not good for a PhD student.”

John Kirkman


The list of ‘’top services’’ offered at Essays Master is bigger than the full service lists of many companies we have reviewed. This means that their offer is great. Students can buy anything here, anything at all. From writing essays to helping them with admission papers or editing, the company offers everything. This was a nice change after many disappointments we came across since we started our research.


This is where most students will probably get at least a little bit disappointed. On the homepage of Essays Master, you can read about their starting prices of only $14 per page. This is not a rate for custom content. It’s a rate for editing. For a high school essay with the longest deadline, the price is $33.88 per page based on the calculator. This is far from a cheap price, maybe even one of the higher rates we’ve seen on this market.

Not only that, but their pricing calculator is often not working. We had to refresh the page several times to get a single quote or be given the chance to select the academic level and deadline.

There’s one more issue with the pricing. No matter what academic level you study at, you can only choose the longest deadline of 10 days. This is often something that high school and college students need, but at most companies, university students are given a chance to choose longer deadlines with lower quotes.

Even though their pricing isn’t ideal, has a nice discount to offer. There’s a dedicated page solely to their discount programs, but when you visit it, brace yourself for a bit of a disappointment – it only includes the welcome discount. This discount of 15% appears as a pop-up constantly no matter which page you’re on, which made it rather hard for us to check the pages of the website.


For those prices we mentioned, we expected exceptional quality of papers and service. But, we were once again disappointed. Even though the writers here are known to deliver their papers on time, nothing can fix the issues we had with our assignment.

We didn’t have problems with plagiarism like some other students reported in their testimonials. That was a plus. However, the writer who handled our research paper seemed to know nothing about the subject, so most of it was just rambling without any arguments or data to back up his claims.

We also realized that this person had poor English skills. This was evident in the mistakes we found in the research paper, which were more than we could edit. When we requested that they edit the paper, the support agents were unprofessional – and that’s an understatement.

Customer Care

At first, you’d think that the support here is excellent. They contact you instantly once you visit the website offering assistance. If you need help, they respond right away – no bots or delays. We didn’t have to wait to get a response or an answer. But that changed when we got our order.

When we approached the agents on the live chat in regard to the poor paper quality, we discovered that this company does not respond well to negative claims from customers. We marked many of the mistakes to show them why the paper is of poor quality because when we requested a revision or a refund, they said it was amazing.

When we did this, the agent became rude and defensive, saying that we will not get a revision and that the paper is exactly as it should have been. Even after half an hour and a long discussion about the poor quality, backed with many examples on our behalf, they never accepted the request. We were never refunded nor was the paper ever revised for free as they promise.

Conclusion: Is This a Good Essay Writing Service?

Our answer after researching for this EssaysMaster review is – far from it! This is not what you would call a fraudulent company, but only in the sense that they deliver a service when you invest in them. Other than that, the quality of service and assignments here are below average. We found some good features like a long service list and attractive discounts, but they didn’t do much in changing our opinion for this review because after all, quality is essential.

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