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When we visited EssayExpert, we got the following promises: ‘’The most trusted essay house’’ and ‘’100% plagiarism-free or moneyback’’. This, in combination with their good design, makes visitors think that they are absolutely safe to buy there. After all, what could go wrong if the most trusted company also offers a full refund as a guarantee?

By the end of our EssayExpert review, you’ll find that both these things were not only inaccurate, but they were the exact opposite. We first started realizing this when we read some EssayExpert reviews. Take the time to check some reviews before you buy and you’ll realize that this is far from the best essay writing services in USA. In fact, it was hard for us to find a single all-positive Essay Expert review online.

All of this convinced us to look even closer, which is where our review came.

Key Features of EssayExpert

  • Expensive prices and no loyalty discounts
  • Unprofessional support service on live chat
  • Doesn’t provide free revisions on request

Testimonials by Users of Essay Expert

Terrence Potter: “I don’t have time at all, but I couldn’t not write an review. Don’t use this company, please. I ordered from them and it was an investment into nothing. I ended up without a paper since who submits a 54% plagiarized essay?”

Elena Smith: “Everything looked great until I bought from these people. The prices are over the roof, but I thought: quality comes for a price. It doesn’t on this website. The quality was bad.”


This was the moment when Essay Expert started reminding us of another company we recently reviewed – This other company had the exact same service list, word for word, in the same order, and with the same calculator. Soon after this, we discovered that even their pricing is the same, as well as the deadline options. In fact, all that differs on the two sites is the content, which is not really good at all.

When we reviewed the first company, Essays Master, we were impressed by such a big service list. On this website, you can also find a huge list with every paper you’ll ever get, projects, editing services, etc. But, you’ll find that there are limited deadlines that go only to 10 days, even for the highest academic levels.


Once we opened the calculator, we immediately noticed – this is the same website, just a different name. We don’t know how many sites a single company has created to sell more papers, but at this point, we already knew the outcome. Our review of EssaysMaster ended up badly, and if this is the same service, the outcome would be the same.

Even the prices are the same at They are high, to say the least, with a high school essay that costs $34.09 per page for a deadline of 10 days. It’s what most companies charge for PhD papers within this deadline, maybe even less than this.

In terms of discounts, you’ll see a full discount page that is as vague as it gets. On it, the only thing you’ll know for sure is that there’s a 15% newcomers’ discount – nothing else. They say that everyone get up to 15%, but the loyalty program is nowhere discussed.

After our experience with the company, we weren’t even interested in learning more about what we’d get if we returned to buy more papers.


Speaking of our experience, here is what you should know about The company charges a lot for what we believe to be average quality of content. To be more, we found some plagiarism in our term paper – 18% of it. This is unacceptable and according to their website, it should instantly result in a refund.

On top of that, the term paper came an hour late. This would be a disaster if the customer was a student with a very short deadline. Mix the average quality and plagiarism with it, and you get a recipe for failure.

Customer Care

As you can see, we had endless reasons to ask for refunds and at least revisions, but we got none. As it turns out, their support is a bot on the live chat and you are only sent to a real agent to speak to if you’re annoying enough and can’t get an answer for a long time.

There is no phone number of email listed on the website, so this is pretty much the only place where you can get a response. Even though the chat says: I’m not a bot, we were speaking to one for over half an hour.

Once we finally got access to an actual person, we were even more disappointed.

This agent started by checking our order, which she did for 15 minutes. We sent several messages while waiting, but she didn’t respond. Since we were very persistent, she finally came back and asked us what it is that we dislike about the assignment. We told her about the poor quality, plagiarism, pointed out to some mistakes, and mentioned the deadline.

Once again, the agent needed time to check. This took another 20 minutes. At this point, we almost spent an hour on the live chat, which no student has time to do.

She finally came back saying that we are not eligible for a refund, nor are we eligible for a free revision. Imagine that – she even said: you can order the paper again and we’ll assign a different writer!

Conclusion: Is This the Best Essay Writing Service?

This company is as far as it could be from the best writing service. It’s very expensive, so most won’t even be able to afford it to see what their quality is like. The quality is average at best, with a bit of plagiarism and frequent delays. The reputation of the service is truly bad. To make matters worse, the one thing that we liked about it, which is the service list, showed us that there is one more website we’ve reviewed with the exact same things. This is one of several attempts to sell more papers, which makes it a bad choice for your papers.

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