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The service Writing Help is said to exist since 2008. We say ‘said to’ because of not a single review dates as far. Most of the Writing Help reviews we read date a couple of years back.

However, this doesn’t say anything about the quality this essay writing help service provides. To learn about it, we looked further than just the reviews. For more details, keep reading.

1. How Does Writing Help Work?

Writing Help functions in the same way as the rest of the writing services. This professional writing help service has a new feature that hasn’t been there before and we haven’t seen anywhere else. In addition to writing assignments, they offer to write notes and tips when they deliver your order to help you learn how to write better.

Their process of ordering is quite simple. There’s an order form where you’ll find everything you should know, such as the type of help they offer, the cost of the paper, as well as the additional features you can choose to add to your order. As soon as you complete and send this order form, the company takes over and promises to deliver it before your deadline ends.

2. Types of Offers has plenty of offers. When we saw their list, we thought that this writing help review is going in the right direction. Unfortunately, this good impression changed later when we received the order. Writing Help goes as far as to offer poems and journal articles in addition to the traditional, academic pieces students get. This makes the list perfect for the students who need help. However, judged by the reputation this paper writing help service has and the lack of writers’ qualifications they’re struggling with, offering such a versatile list might not have been the best step to take.

3. Prices and Discounts

Despite the bad reputation we learned about when we did this Writing Help review, the company keeps attracting many students to order. At this point, we learned why – the service has an impressive price list. Their prices are at least 50% lower than the rates popular companies offer. This on itself would attract students who don’t have much experience with ordering papers online.

If you’re wondering how low the rates go at, imagine pricing that begins at only $10 for a page for a high school student, and $26 for a page for a Ph.D. student. Their offers go to as far as four hours, something that usually costs a fortune in other companies. Here, you get the same papers at costs of $36 and $72 per page, respectively.

We can’t say that we expected a discount, but the lack of any is always a bit disappointing. Still, with that kind of prices, we don’t see many students having problems with the fact that the service has no welcome discount. Moreover, judging by the exceedingly large number of bad comments from users, we don’t believe that anyone bothers about the non-existence of a loyalty program, either.

4. Quality and Guarantees

The most important thing when you order papers on the web is to find a trustworthy company that keeps you safe. Service with good guarantees allows you to sit back and spend your time as you planned while they take care of the task you’ve handled them.

This company initially looked like such a service. They mention many guarantees that’d give you a piece of mind when you order. However, if you take some time to read what people say about the company, you’ll hardly trust their guarantees.

Their biggest failure with our order was the delay. The service promises to always deliver on time, but they delivered our paper almost a day later. We found many similar comments online, so it’s safe to say that the delivery guarantee is as false as it can be.

To be more, we weren’t pleased with the quality, either. Our writer didn’t read the instructions or didn’t know how to fulfill them. His English was really bad, which resulted in a delayed, slightly plagiarized, and low-quality paper.

5. Customer Support

To resolve this issue, we spoke to support. We expected an apology and at least a partial refund, or a bonus of some kind. Even if you toss the quality issue on the side, the plagiarism and delay are reasons enough for the company to be obliged to refund us for the order.

After we spoke to them, we realized that the guarantees the service promises hardly ever stick. We got nothing from the things that we were promised, not even a free revision as is stated on the website.

6. Additional Features

As we mentioned, the order section combines some interesting additional features you can pay to get. The notes and tips we discussed above come at an extra cost of 20%. We paid for this feature, too, but the paper only had some general writing tips taken from sites on the Internet (they were literally copied from online guides).

Other features you can choose for your order include advanced writer (+25%) and English as a native language writer (+30%). This is the point where we realized that the site is much more expensive than we originally thought, especially if you want your paper written by someone who speaks English well. Who doesn’t?

We actually paid for this and still got a non-native writer, so we definitely don’t recommend spending the extra money when you order.


Writing Help looks too good to be true and the truth is, the reality is far from what they promise to deliver. It turns out that the company works with non-native, barely fluent writers. If you want a native writer, you have to pay 30% extra. In our case, even though we did, the paper was still of bad quality and it was delivered late.

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