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3.6 / 10 points is an online provider of writing services. We have thoroughly checked their website and we can say it looks professional but it contains very poor quality information. The site loads very slow and we could not find all the details we were looking for. They advertise themselves highly, but in our opinion, they offer very little value to the visitor/potential customer. MyAssignmentHelp is only a copy of the most highly reliable writing services providers out there.

1. How MyAssignmentHelp Works?

MyAssignmentHelp offers a description online of how their services work. First, you need to fill out an order form, informing the writers about the task that you need. After submitting this form, you will receive an email confirmation that contains the details of your assignment order. At this point, MyAssignmentHelp requires that you make a payment using your debit or credit card. Then, you will just have to wait until the writers complete your assignment. 

My Assignment Help does not sound trustworthy at all, mainly because they do not allow you to speak directly to a writer before making a payment. You just complete a form online and then you are asked to pay before even discussing with someone your needs.

2. Types of Writings My Assignment Help Offers

My Assignment Help describes a chaotic list of services they provide. These services are not enlisted in a logical manner and there is no description available for the services offered. For example, they mention Programming but we cannot tell for sure if they can help with code writing, essays in Programming or research papers on certain Programming statistics?

From this point of view, My Assignment Help sounds completely unreliable to us. Further services as enlisted on their website include:

  • Assignment
  • Dissertation
  • Coursework
  • Research
  • Thesis
  • Referencing
  • Proofreading
  • Plagiarism checker

This is an honest MyAssignmentHelp review and we will disclose everything to you. Firstly, referencing is not even a service. Most reliable writing companies offer referencing for free included in the price of the project. Then, they say they offer “Dissertation” services, but we don’t know if they can help us on a chapter by chapter basis or do we have to buy the entire paper through them. Their descriptions are not detailed enough and they are not clear enough. We hope this MyAssignmentHelp review will truly help you understand why you should not work with this company. Keep reading below to find out even more details.

3. Prices and Discounts

In our My Assignment Help review, we will disclose to you details regarding the costs. We can tell you this is an extremely expensive writing company, and students cannot even afford to buy one page of writing from them. We know that they charged us more than $50 per page for basic essay writing. Another huge mistake they made is that they do not enlist the prices on the website. You cannot check how much paper costs before placing your order and this is not fair play.

This My Assignment Help review can also reveal to you that the discounts are non-existent. They say you get $20 to your account when you sign up and then 15% as a first-order discount. We can tell you we did not receive any of these special offers.

So is MyAssignmentHelp reliable?  Definitely not. You should not trust them because you cannot even see how much their services cost.

4. Quality and Guarantees

We have invested quality time and efforts to create this review. We even placed an order for an essay in order to check the quality provided. The essay then sent us was filled with several mistakes, and it also contained plagiarized content. This is a completely useless essay, and it ended up in the trash bin. References were not included and the paper was not edited correctly, even though we paid separately for professional editing.

Several reliable MyAssignmentHelp reviews talk about the fact this is not a reliable company. We also know that they do not offer any guarantees such as the plagiarism guarantee or the money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality received.

Our suggestion is that you should look for the best writing services elsewhere. Research carefully and then you will find many legal and trustworthy platforms that offer appropriate help at a price that you can afford.

5. Customer support

Most My Assignment Help reviews complain about the poor customer service of this company. Indeed, they display so many contact details on the website, but they cannot be reached. We even tried to contact them through instant chat, but nobody answered. Then, we tried to call and we had to keep trying several times until someone picked one. When we finally got through, we were told that we should find the information we are looking for by reading the text on the website. They are rude and they are not helpful at all.  Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable assignment help London company, you should avoid this one and look for something else.

6. Additional Features

Any respectable assignment writing company will offer several special deals and additional features. These include free title pages, free referencing, free amendments, 10% ongoing discounts, VIP offers and more. Sadly, this company does not offer any such helpful features that could help you save important money.

Students looking for uni assignment help are always on a limited budget. This is why they need deals and bonuses to help them save as much as they can. This is not the place where you will benefit from any great features.


We do not recommend using this writing service. Find out the main reasons below:

  1. There is no valuable information available regarding the background of the writers.
  2. No free samples to check.
  3. Customer service is inexistent.
  4. No discounts, no special deals or bonuses available.
  5. The assignment help experts are not at all friendly or professional in their communication.
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