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4.6 / 10 points appears plain at first and impressive when you give it a second look. They have over 50 thousand samples while other companies have none or a couple of dozen. However, we read through a couple of them and checked them in our plagiarism scanner. You’ll be surprised to learn that the service decided to publish mostly stolen content on their samples page (and they even charge a subscription fee to those who want to access these). Since this is an editing service, this made us wonder how safe it is to pay or even ask for Kibin editing. Keep reading this review to find the answer.

1. How Kibin Works

This is not a writing company where you send a paper request and receive a written piece of academic content. It’s an editing company. You send them your ready essays and wait for a Kibin editor to go through it and polish the content. You can even send a ready paper to them for free grading. In return, they’ll send you a grade and some notes to help you determine the quality you have.

According to reviews, there hasn’t been a single case where the editors graded a paper well. This is their way of attracting customers and making you feel like you have to purchase their editing services. If you decide you don’t want to proceed to order a service there, you can do this. But, you have to think: how safe it is to send someone your custom paper just to grade it online?

2. Types of Writings Kibin Offers

Kibin offers no writing whatsoever. There is no such thing as a Kibin essay service. Their website offers three things and only one is an actual paid service. On this website you can find:

  • Paper editing (for all paper types);
  • Free thesis generator;
  • Free paper grader;

Before we get into the quality section of this Kibin review that refers to the actual paid editing service, let’s discuss the remaining offers. As Kibin reviews stated, the editors here returned three of our papers with the lowest grades, asking us if we wanted them to help us fix the writing.

The so-called free thesis generator, on the other hand, will give you access to their samples to read and get inspiration from. But, that’s not the worst part. The worst part is that you have to PAY to get access to essay examples. A monthly subscription is $14.95 and a yearly subscription is $59.95. What kind of a free offer is this?

Kibin does not write custom papers and yet, they charge a fortune just to show some essay samples.

3. Prices and Discounts

When you get to this part, you will probably get quite annoyed. There is no pricing published on the pages of the website. Every individual customer has to ask for a quote. To get it, you have to send them your entire paper, which is definitely not ideal. According to Kibin reviews, many customers have sent their papers and regretted the decision since the rates are high here and they’ve basically handed their work to others to use as they please.

Just to paint a picture of what the rates here look like, we should tell you about our experience here. We sent a paper for editing waiting for a quick quote. The quick quote came six hours later, which is definitely not the right way to work. It’s frustrating enough not to tell the quotes without even delaying this information.

The price for editing here is what the best essay writing services charge for writing custom papers. It is no wonder why so many students turn back and give up on the website after they receive the quote. We would just hope that they didn’t ask for your paper before they give you their price.

4. Quality and Guarantees

You’d expect that such a system comes with some guarantees for privacy and confidentiality, especially since you’ll be giving them your custom content. But, be careful – there is nothing on the website to indicate that your papers are safe or that quality is guaranteed.

Without any mentions of guarantees, we dreaded the decision until we received the quote and the edit. The editors did fine work, nothing impressive, and definitely not worth the quote we paid. If they had nicer prices or maybe some discounts, this would be a solid option. But with those rates, you can easily order a custom paper of top quality, not only get editing on your work.

5. Customer Support

The support is not very responsive. It took them hours to send us a quote for the editing. You can only reach them during work hours. We managed to get an answer from an agent once via the email address (that’s the only presented contacting method on the website). But, even though we wrote to them during their work hours, the response came a couple of hours later.

6. Additional Features

Aside from the features we mentioned above, this website has no extras or additional features to offer to its customers. Sure, you can use the thesis generator or the essay search feature, but you have to pay for the expensive subscription to do so. Based on the quality of the samples, we don’t recommend this.


Kibin is an expensive editing service that does fine work but charges a fortune and hides important information. Here are their main characteristics:

  • Only one type of service offered – editing
  • Too much waiting time for prices
  • Expensive prices for editing
  • No guarantees listed on the website, which makes the company unsafe and tricky
  • Costly subscription to access their essays

Based on everything we have learned so far, this isn’t a service we would recommend, especially since their editing rates are as high as custom writing rates of other companies.

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