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Most students have heard about and most are aware of its stellar online reputation. However, one of its most overlooked selling points is that the company is great in an emergency.
Let’s say you have been ill and have forgotten a deadline, or maybe your essay was lost when your computer froze, or maybe you saved the wrong version and now your work has disappeared. will not only write you a custom-original essay, but they will also do it in a matter of hours if you ask them to. Plus, the Essay to Go team will write to whatever level you wish, which means you can snatch a passing grade, or you can hand in some expert essay writing that scores top marks.

Key Features

  • A prompt and very reliable service
  • Pick a price that suits you
  • Able to create custom essays very quickly


“My Essay-to-Go writer showed a lot of in-depth knowledge and came up with a bunch of ideas that I hadn’t thought of. My professor was pretty happy with the result.” – Cynthia J. Ingham

“They sent back a presentation, and they even amended it for free after my professor insisted I added another 300 words. Great work all round.” – Ryan J. Martin


Our Essay to Go review tested their essay writing, case study writing, dissertation writing, and editing. However, our review team also discovered that this essay writing service will proofread your work for you, and they will create PowerPoint and slideshow presentations too. The team has discovered that they are willing to complete any project handed to a student in High School or college/University. This essay writing company has writers who are qualified in every mainstream college/University subject.


The cost of your paper will depend upon the deadline, the quality level, the academic level, and the subject. Prices start at around £13.73 for one page of 275 words and can climb as high as £34.34 per page if you want your paper in six hours. The writers that complete your project have already taken the qualification you are working towards, which is why they are able to write essays  of such high quality for such low prices.

Discounts and Special Offers

If your order comes to more than £22.90, then you may be able to apply a discount code. Some codes are released to members and loyal buyers, and others are earned based on how many pages you have purchased recently. You get a 5% discount for buying between 15 and 50 pages, you get a 10% discount for buying between 51 and 100 pages, and you get a 15% discount for buying 101 or more pages.


The writing team consists of people with degrees and English native speakers, which is why the quality level is far higher than other essay writing services. The writing team can create outstanding pieces of work in very short spaces of time, and they can tailor their work so that it scores a little lower.

Some students ask for passing grades rather than high marks because sometimes it looks suspicious when a struggling student suddenly scores top marks with an essay. Every essay is backed with research from academically credible sources, and the writers use sources from your reading list if you send it to them.

Customer Care

The customer service department is very dedicated and diligent. If you have a problem or a question, they usually answer you within a single phone call. If you need to pass information to your writer, they will inform him right away.

There are very few occasions where you may need the customer care department because orders are processed online, and the company always hits its deadlines. Nevertheless, you may contact the customer-care department over the phone or over their Instant Messaging system on their website.


This company purges your essay from their servers once you have accepted it, which means it will never be reused or resold again. The paper you buy is legally yours once you have paid, which means you own the copyright and are free to hand it in as your own or even have it published in your name if you wish.

Being allowed to choose a deadline up to ten days while also being able to order a paper with a six-hour deadline may not seem so impressive, but the quality level is always the same, no matter the deadline. They clearly pour years of experience and qualifications into each essay, and their quality level doesn’t change no matter the deadline, and that is why this writing company is clearly one of the most dependable essay writing services available to date.

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