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CoolEssay is not what we’d call a popular service. In fact, the first time we heard about Cool Essay was when a student such as yourself asked us for our opinion. Since we knew nothing about them, we decided to do this CoolEssay review.

Our first impression with the website of Cool Essay wasn’t really positive. It’s a fine website, but they have a lot of information that simply doesn’t fit there. CoolEssay even has a ‘Beware’ page that praises their company and judges all the rest. Interestingly, the CoolEssay reviews we read mentioned that this service does not follow instructions very often when this is one of the things in their Beware page.

Because of these strange findings, we dug much deeper and did our own, accurate CoolEssay review.

Key Features

  • Limited service list
  • Really low prices from $10
  • Low quality of support service


“I ordered from a month ago. I’m not happy about it. In fact, I didn’t spend much there but I would pay a single penny to those writers they hire. Their services are unreliable and really not worth it. My paper was nothing like I expected.” – Peter Smith

“Last week I had my first and hopefully last experience with a company named Coolessay. They did everything a writing service should not do. They plagiarized, did not do anything I asked, and even delayed the paper for four hours.” – Jerry Peters


It’s a very small list, the one that offers academic writing choices on the website of this service. They have a bit over a dozen different papers, which does not make this service a great place to buy essays of different kinds and on a regular basis. Even so, they have the basics. You can use them to buy essay, research paper, term paper, creative writing, coursework, dissertation, thesis, business plan, case study, admission essay, etc.

They have some confusing items in the list, too, probably made in attempt to make it longer. You can choose to buy essays online by selecting their essay (any type) service, but argumentative essays are offered separately. This can be really confusing.


The pricing is really important to students and CoolEssay definitely used this as a marketing strategy. They have some of the lowest prices we know of, $10 for a page for an essay. The high-rated companies we’ve seen all have prices that are almost double or double this price.

Unfortunately, these kinds of prices don’t really bring good news. Quality academic papers cost much more than $10 per page and let’s not forget that both the writers and the company should earn something when you order. In such cases, it is the customer and the quality of paper that suffers.

Even the rest of the prices are low. Also, they are quite strange as the academic levels move higher. The difference is so small, we could hardly believe it. A student in Master’s studies pays $26 per page, while a student of Ph.D. studies pays a single dollar more for a page, no matter what they order. It’s a really strange pricing system, that of Cool Essay.

Discounts and Special Offers

This is not specified anywhere, which is a very big disadvantage for this Cool Essay review. If it weren’t for Cool Essay reviews that mentioned some special offers, we’d think that there is nothing you can do to lower the prices.

You wouldn’t really need this with the prices they have, but still, discounts are always expected from companies where you buy essays online.

So as you know, for this Cool Essay review, we checked the entire website. We came across a mention of discounts, but the site said you should call their support to ask for a discount. Then, on the bottom, we found a page for discounts. This page listed their offers: regular discounts that are available at any time and you need to request them, discount code or coupon for new customers, regular customer discount, temporary discounts, holiday discounts, and low season discounts.

To get any of these, you have to speak to the support. Unfortunately, our experience with them was disastrous.


We never got ourselves their discount for new customers, even though CoolEssay mentioned one. The support said we aren’t eligible to it, but their pricing is definitely really low, so we decided to still go with it.

However, the quality of Cool Essay is the thing you really have to be concerned about. We had many issues with the company. Their order process is good and the rates are perfect, but the service is exceptionally bad. The paper was so poorly written, editing couldn’t possibly save it. It was also quite plagiarized and the mistakes were all over it.

Customer Care

As we said, we spoke to the support of Cool Essay. They were supposed to give us discounts, but this is a bot on the live chat, so it took us before we realized we’ll never get an answer.

When we got the bad content, we used the phone as a possibly better method of contact. The agent spoke such bad English, we didn’t understand a word he said. In fact, he didn’t understand much either. So, we ended up writing an email that no one replied to – ever.


With our bad paper and even worse experience with customer care, we are certain that this company is not deserving of your money and trust. They have some good features like their prices and their order form, but the rest is quite the scam.

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