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Best Resume Writing Services For This Year

Best Resume Writing Services For This Year

Best Resume Writing Services For This Year

best resume writing service

ResumesPlanet or CareersBooster?

Table of Contents

  1. What Is the Best Resume Writing Service?
  2. How Will You Benefit from the Best Resume Writers?
  3. How Can You Find the Best Resume Writing Services?

The job application process is much different than it used to be. Employers still require resumes and cover letters as part of a standard application. But they also pay attention to LinkedIn profiles, personal blogs, and the entire online reputation of a candidate. They consider writing skills to be a plus regardless of the industry and position.

Just like students are often looking for top essay writing services, many candidates start searching for the best resume writing service. They need resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and other job application documents that would fill in the gap in their writing skills. They want their entire experience and education to be presented in the best possible way.

This brings us to a question: what’s the best cheap resume writing service? When job candidates are ready to buy a resume online, they consider it to be an investment in their career. But they still want an affordable price and extreme quality. Without getting clean comparative reviews, they can’t know for sure what the best resume review service is.

This is our role: we want to help job candidates to find the best resume writing service 2021. We do that by testing various agencies and sharing our experience.

What Is the Best Resume Writing Service?

You should look for a few factors in top rated resume writing services:

  • Good online reputation

When people order something online, they are usually willing to share their experiences. Feedback is a bit tricky with writing services since most users want to stay anonymous. However, you can still find plenty of reviews on the top resume writing services. It’s important to check the company’s social proof before hiring it.

  • A good range of services

A resume is not the only thing you need for a successful job application. You’ll also need to submit a cover letter. You have to improve your LinkedIn profile, so it will convey your professionalism.

  • Certified writers with experience

The quality of your resume depends on the writer’s experience and talent. Before you hire any resume writing agency, make sure to get informed about its writers’ qualifications.

  • Acceptable prices

A high-quality resume will usually cost you above $100. Accept that for a fact.

That being said, you shouldn’t go for the most expensive service, expecting that it has to be the best one. It’s not. In fact, some of the best resume writing services 2021 offer more affordable prices when compared to the industry’s average.

resumesplanet, resume writing service
  • Pricing: $109 – $159 for a resume
  • Turnaround: From 24 hours to 5 days
  • Industries: You can order a resume for any industry. Federal, Military and Career Change are offered as separate categories.

ResumesPlanet consistently deserves its spot among the best resume writing services. Its strength lies in affordable prices, which are set for high-quality products. The customers can choose their industry, and the company guarantees to assign the order to a writer who has experience completing resumes in the category.

The fact that Resumes Planet hires only native English speakers is another reason why it’s among the best resume companies.

Pros of Using ResumesPlanet

  • Certified writers, who are native English speakers
  • The resumes are developed to work with applicant tracking systems; this means that the writers use industry-relevant keywords
  • has been labeled as one of the best resume writing services 2021 by its large base of customers
  • The ordering process is effortless, and the completion is quick
  • Great quality for an affordable price

How ResumesPlanet Works

  1. First, you will introduce yourself through the order form. It guides you through the information that you need to provide, so the writer can start working on your order. If anything is missing, the writer will contact you to complete the details.
  2. The company will choose a writer, who is suited to work on your resume.
  3. You will get the document by the deadline that you set.

As a customer, you’ll be connected with the writer through a direct communication system. You can use it to get updates on your order and provide additional instructions when necessary.

careersbooster, resume writing service
  • Pricing: From $155 to $255 for resumes
  • Turnaround: From 24 hours to 5 days
  • Industries: Resumes for all industries are available. The company offers military, federal, career change, IT/tech, and executive resumes in separate categories.

CareersBooster is known for having some of the best resume writers in its team. The high level of professionalism is the most important ranking factor.

In addition to resumes, the company also offers cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, CVs, and thank-you/follow-up letters. If you order a package of two or more products, you’ll get a discount on the full price. 

Pros of Using CareersBooster

  • CareersBooster is one of the most popular certified resume writer services, known for the high level of professionalism of its team
  • The prices are reasonable, and they get more affordable when you order a package of products
  • The company offers extra services: e-cover letter writing, resume distribution to employment agencies, KSAs (knowledge, skills, abilities), and more
  • It’s one of the few resume writing agencies that guarantee free revisions if you’re not happy with the product

How CareersBooster Works

  • There’s a simple order form that requires all the information for your resume. You can upload an old resume if that’s easier for you.
  • The company will assign you a writer, who will directly contact you for consultations. Direct writer contact is one of the highlights of this service.
  • You set the deadline during the ordering process, and the company guarantees to prepare your order within the given timeframe. seems to have everything that a customer would expect from the best resume writing services online.

How Will You Benefit from the Best Resume Writers?

Before you start going through top resume reviews, you might be wondering: should you order a resume, anyway? Wouldn’t it be simple to find a sample and fill it in with your own details? Yes; that’s the simpler thing to do. But it’s not the right solution.

  • Hiring managers and recruiters are allergic to generic resumes. They’ve been seeing the same cliche phrases over and over again. You won’t get their attention if you submit an application that’s based on a template.
  • It’s not easy to write about yourself. You may deal with the resume, which lists facts. But when you start working on the cover letter, you’ll realize how much you need help from a professional writer.
  • When you hire a top resume writing service, you’ll collaborate with a specialized writer, who knows what would impress the employers from your industry.

Is There a Difference in Executive Resume Writing Services?

If you look through our best resume writing service reviews, you’ll notice many similarities between different agencies:

  • More or less, they offer the same services. The needs of job applicants are universal, so writing agencies base their offer on those needs.
  • The prices are different on each website. The question is: what’s the price-to-quality ratio? What value do you get for the price? This is why you should always read reviews before ordering resumes online.
  • The user experience is important, too. When you check out a few websites with similar services, you’re inclined towards the one that makes the ordering process easy.

As for executive resumes, you can’t afford to make the wrong choice. Executive resumes are more expensive since they have to be perfect. They are completed by trained writers, who know how to handle the level you’re after. If you need an executive resume, it’s even more important to find and hire the best resume writing services online.

How Can You Find the Best Resume Writing Services?

Before hiring resume writers online, you should check a few things about the companies that caught your interest:

  • Do they hire certified writers?
  • Will they enable direct contact with your writer?
  • Do they offer guarantees for an interview and free revisions?
  • What’s the price and how does it compare to other services?
  • Will you have access to a stable customer support system?
  • Are you able to order the job application products that you need?
  • Does the website offer free tips that would make the job-hunting process more effective?

To find the best online resume writing service, you want to know where you can expect the best quality. You want a service that hires talented writers, who will help you shine as a job candidate.

Our Reviews Lead You to the Top Resume Writing Service

The only tested and proven way to find the best professional resume writing service is by reading reviews.

It’s what you do before buying anything else. When you rely on the direct experience and evaluation by someone who was in the role of a customer, you’ll know what to expect from each service.

The reviews on our website are 100% unbiased and honest. They are based not on opinions, but on facts. Our goal is to help you find cheap resume writing services that deliver impressive quality!

Each review is structured to provide you with essential information, which helps you make the final decision.

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  1. The ResumesPlanet team are a really helpful professionals. I got a dream job after they helped me with my resume. I highly recommend them!

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