15 Best Essay Writing Services for Your Next Year of Study

15 Best Essay Writing Services for Your Next Year of Study

Best Essay Writing Services Rated By Us

SiteRating Discounts Min Price Order Now
AssignmentMasters.org★★★★★ 15% Off 1st order$ 19.99 Order
★★★★★ 15% Off 1st order $ 21.99 Order
★★★★★ 22% Off 1st order $ 19.99 Order
★★★★☆ 15% Off 1st order $ 19.99 Order
★★★★☆ 20% Off 1st order $ 17.63 Order

Best Essay Writing Services Rated By Reddit Community

SiteRating Discounts Min Price Order Now
★★★★★ 20% Off 1st order$ 16.99 Order
★★★★★ 15% Off 1st order $ 20.99 Order
★★★★★ 20% Off 1st order $ 17.95 Order
★★★★☆ 20% Off 1st order $ 17.99 Order
★★★★☆ 15% Off For 100+ pages $ 19.99 Order

Best Essay Writing Services Rated By Yahoo Answers

SiteRating Discounts Min Price Order Now
★★★★★ 15% Off 1st order$ 19.99 Order
★★★★★ 15% Off 1st order $ 22.99 Order
★★★★★ 15% Off For 100+ pages $ 12.99 Order
★★★★☆ 17% Off 1st order $ 19.99 Order
★★★★☆ 20% Off 1st order $ 19.99 Order

Table of contents

  1. How Do We Know What Is the Best Essay Writing Service?
  2. How Essay Writing Service Reviews Save You Money and Time
  3. Quick Tips: What to Check before Order Essays Online

Professors always tell you that essay writing skills improve with practice. But in most cases, they are wrong. You start with simple essays and then you progress towards term papers, research papers, case studies, presentations, lab reports, and other projects that challenge you with greater complexity. No matter how good you get, you can’t seem to meet all expectations.

You don’t have an idea how to start. So you wonder: “what are the three best ways to generate ideas for a writing project?”

  • Do tons of research. Eventually, you’ll find someone else’s idea that you can upgrade.
  • Maybe there’s a brilliant idea hidden deep in the folders of your mind.
  • If nothing works, hire the best custom writing

The best writing websites work not only because they deliver a quick solution, but also because they make you a better writer.

But how do you find the best service for your paper? Bear with us; we have the answers you need. We’ll give you a detail guide that will take you to a top essay writing company.

How Do We Know What Is the Best Essay Writing Service?

A writing service is good only if it meets a student’s expectations. For that, it has to employ top writers, offer fair prices without any hidden fees, give some discounts, and layout a clear ordering process. Through our reviews, we make an effort to reveal the best writing companies on the market.
All information on our website is fresh. We continuously update our reviews, since writing services update their policies. So when you read something in our reviews, you can rest assured it’s the absolute truth.

Are you wondering how we come down to our ratings? We check each essay writing service in multiple aspects:

  • Is the website usable and transparent?
  • Can you order the type of paper you need?
  • Are the prices affordable when compared with the top essay writing agencies?
  • How’s the discount policy?
  • Is the customer support system responsive?
  • Is the quality good?

Our reviews are based on research, comparison, and real experience. We test at least one essay writer per service, so that we can offer relevant information for everyone planning to order papers online.

5 Best Essay Writing Services we recommend

best essay writing services
For the sake of singling out the best writing websites, we tested and reviewed dozens of services so far. We evaluated the websites and their policies, as well as the prices. But we also ordered papers, so we know what quality different services deliver. The point of our reviews is to rank services based on the value they deliver for the price a student pays.

This is our top list:

  1. Assignment Masters

Many services will promise the same thing, but not many will deliver. AssignmentMasters is the best paper writing service because it delivers even more than you expect. The team made an effort to recruit talented writers from various walks of life. They all hold higher-education degrees. Each customer is paired with an expert.

The service has immense capacity to complete all kinds of academic projects. From technical assignments to critical thinking to creative writing, everything is available for order. We interviewed students and we tested the company’s quality twice. There was no remark whatsoever. For this level of writing, the prices from $19.99 to $52.99 are affordable. But thanks to the discount program, one never pays the full price.

  1. Best Essay

This service only assigns expert writers to the order. You get a guarantee that your content will be completed with someone who’s proficient in the subject area. All writers are native English speakers trained to complete academic content. That’s why the customers never complain about grammar or formatting issues.

The ordering process is secure and fast. The papers are always done on time. This is a great choice for a research paper or term paper writing service, as well as for dissertations. Students trust BestEssay.com because it’s been available on the market since 1997. For all this time, there’s no stain on its reputation.

  1. Rush My Essay

RushMyEssay is one of the fastest college essay services around. It’s known for speedy delivery, but the writers always keep the quality high. If you check the testimonials at the website, you’ll see that the customers always recommend this agency. We had the same impression after ordering a paper here. The service works well for short deadlines.

The prices are set from $19.99 to $52.99. In our experience, that’s the average for top essay writing companies. Students also benefit from discounts and free features. Speaking of free, there are great samples at the website. Even if you don’t want to order a paper, you can still use it to get inspired for your academic writing projects.

  1. Ninja Essays

When this website appeared several years ago, it changed the standards in the industry. We were used to traditional websites with no investment in design. The services that appeared first and set the golden standard in essay writing are still good. But they lacked refreshment, and Ninja Essays came to change that.

The site has fun content, and it’s very user-friendly. But the quality that students get from these writers is also amazing. The writers are experienced, educated, and qualified to complete the projects they work on. The list of services covers the needs of high-school, college, and university students. Business writing services are also available. You can order a case study, financial analysis, marketing plan, and more.

Overall, NinjaEssays delivers a convenient experience for students of all ages.

  1. Australian Writings

The services we listed above are international. Students from all around the world go there to get their papers. The writers are native English speakers, but they are usually U.S.-based. There’s an option to choose a UK writer, too.

Australian Writings is different. The name itself says it – it’s focused on the Aussie market. The writers come from Australia, and they gained their postgraduate degrees at some of its finest universities. When searching for the best custom writing agency, it’s important to evaluate your needs. A student from the UK will need a different style. An Australian student definitely needs an Aussie writer. This is the best place to hire one!

5 Best Essay Writing Services: Reddit Community Recommends

best essay writing service reddit
You already know this: Reddit is the most versatile online community. There’s hardly a topic that hasn’t been covered there. When people need any kind of information, they go to Reddit. The community always has the answers. Students do this, too. Before hiring essay writing companies, they ask the community what the best choice is. We researched Reddit to check the popularity of different services there. We created another top list. These are the services that get the best recommendations on Reddit:

  1. ScholarAdvisor

Essays.ScholarAdvisor works like a usual writing service. You place an order and pay for it. Then the team assigns a writer with a degree in the subject area. The writers are very talented. The company takes care of them well; they get bonuses and consistent training. For a customer, this means a motivated writer will cover their task. It’s no wonder why the results are so good.

But there’s something else that makes Essays Scholar Advisor stand out: the tutor-like approach. The service is focused on making you a better writer. That’s why the writers are available to update the students as they make progress through the assignment. They also offer free revisions and they are serious about delivering them ASAP.

  1. College-Paper

Do you know what Reddit users love? – Discounts! They want to get the best value for the most affordable price. This doesn’t mean they are looking for the cheapest writing service. They want outstanding quality at a discounted price. That’s why College-Paper.org is attractive. It offers a discount of 15% for each new user, and it keeps giving discounts to those who come back. The regular prices are average; ranking from $20.99 to $53.99 per page.

But the price is not the most attractive factor here. It’s the university-level value they get. This is a great website for everyone who wants an advanced assignment, such as a dissertation proposal or dissertation chapter. It also works for simple essays, book reviews and all other kinds of content.

  1. Best Term Paper

BestTermPaper.com targets a specific category of students: those who need term papers. These are the most challenging projects that students have to submit at the end of each term. They are long, and professors have high standards when grading them.

The writers at this website are specialized for completing term papers. They are all native speakers. They are diligent in following instructions, so the customers always get relevant content. We often see testimonials from students saying the term paper looked like it was written by them.

Of course; you can get other kinds of content here, too. The list of services is actually pretty versatile. But if you need a term paper, it’s one of the best choices to make.

  1. Superior Papers

This service has been delivering outstanding papers ever since 1997. For those looking for tested and proving services, it’s the most recommended option on Reddit. Let’s be honest: reputation is important when you’re about to spend money on a paper. This company has an excellent team of writers, who never fail to deliver the projects on time.

The quality is superior, indeed. If you dig through Reddit, you’ll see comments by students who were so impressed that they continued using SuperiorPapers throughout their time at college. The samples at the website are free to access, so you can read few essays and research papers if you need inspiration.

  1. Essays-To-Go

Essays-To-Go.net is another great service for students in a hurry. It’s known for meeting even the shortest deadlines, no matter how challenging the projects are. But the deadlines offered are also reasonable. If you need an entire term paper, for example, they won’t let you set the deadline of 3 hours simply because it’s impossible. If you need a simple essay, you can feel free to set 3 hours as a deadline and you’ll get awesome content within that timeframe.

The writers are professionals with degrees. The team is large enough to cover all subject areas. As for the prices, an essay costs from $19.99 to $52.99 per page. You get cool discounts and free features for any paper you order.

5 Best Essay Writing Services: Yahoo Answers Recommend

best essay writing service yahoo answers
Yahoo Answers is another community where people ask and answer questions. Students often go there to request recommendations for the best online essay writing services. We researched the platform to identify the most popular services being recommended.

  1. Edu Geeks Club

There are several unbiased recommendations about EduGeeksClub across Yahoo Answers. This company is mostly recommended to PhD-level students. It labels itself as a “dissertation writing service” and only hires writers with doctoral degrees. That’s great if you want a project for university.

Surprisingly, the prices are very affordable considering the extreme level of quality. They range from $19.99 to $46.99 for dissertations. Of course, you can also order essays and other papers for college. You’ll pay the same price you’d pay at another website. But here, a PhD writer will complete the content.

The level of professionalism is reflected in the customer support department, too. The agents are non-stop available to sort out any issue that arises with your order.

  1. A-Writer.com

A-Writer is another highly reputable writing service. Many Yahoo Answers recommend it, mostly for the quality the writers deliver. The prices are slightly higher – from $22.99 to $63.99 per page. You’re still getting awesome discounts, so the final price will be close to the average in the industry. You’re getting quality that’s above average and most other teams cannot achieve.

It’s a great service to hire for advanced projects, such as case studies, business plans, and dissertations. The writers follow instructions and deliver unique content all the time. There are zero plagiarism issues reported with A-Writer.com.

This company also gets great recommendations for its editing services. The editors are certified to improve academic content.

  1. Easy-Essay

When you want to hire top writers, you don’t necessarily search for the cheapest service. You’re ready to pay a slightly higher price for the sake of security and better quality. But if we’re being honest, sometimes you just need a low price. Some projects are very simple so you don’t want to pay a high price for them. When it comes to a personal essay, for example, you just need to get it done. If you get good quality, it’s a bonus.

When students have such needs, Easy-Essay.org is the most recommended service on Yahoo Answers. The good news is that the company still delivers 100% authentic content. The guarantees are strong and the students always get revisions when they need them. The huge advantage is the affordable price: from $12.99 to $45.99 per page for essays.

  1. Dissertation-Service

The name says it all: this one is the preferred writing service of the Yahoo Answers community when it comes to dissertation orders. The PhD writers can deliver research proposals, dissertation chapters and entire doctoral-level projects on any topic. When you want a paper this serious, you need a true expert to handle it. This is where you can find such a professional.

You’d assume the prices are more expensive, but they are actually affordable. Plus, you can use discounts for all orders you place.

The thing that really makes Dissertation-Service.org special is the blog. The writers share useful tips on how to write different chapters of a dissertation. They tell you what phrases to use, how to quote resources, and how to cover each stage with ease.

  1. Essay Mama

EssayMama is one of the most popular writing services, especially among U.S. college students. The team scans the needs of students through various surveys and case studies. They don’t lag behind the trends; they make them. They research the requirements of today’s professors and they train the writers to meet them. EssayMama has local sites for British and Australian customers, too.

The essays are always unique. The style of writing is modern and vibrant. These writers try to express a student’s personality through the content. All kinds of projects are available in several areas of study. As for the prices, we’re still within the average range between $19.99 and $52.99 per page. But EssayMama gives you awesome discounts! The one for first orders reduces the price for 20%.

How Essay Writing Service Reviews Save You Money and Time

You’re ready to spend money only when you’re sure you found the best writing company. But how can you be sure? That’s when our essay writing service reviews become important. We do all the work for you. We scan the web for unbiased recommendations and testimonials by real users. We don’t just check testimonials at the official websites of services. We go beyond. We check Yahoo Answers, Reddit, and other online communities where students ask questions and share experiences.

In addition, our team is committed to first-hand tests. We order papers from various writing agencies, so we can share the most honest opinions. From a single review, you get all information you need to know about a particular writing service. When you compare several reviews, you can easily understand what your best choice is. You can compare the prices, quality, features, range of services, and all other factors. Then, you’ll narrow down the list of options and you’ll land at a website that works.

Quick Tips: What to Check before Order Essays Online

How about few tips on how to choose a top essay writing agency?

  • Make sure it has an excellent team of writers. For this, you’ll need to check the claims at the website to see what qualifications they require from the writers they hire. You’ll also need to go through testimonials on Reddit and Yahoo Answers.
  • Check the prices and compare them between different services. Pay attention to the discounts. They reduce the price a lot!
  • After this, you’ll end up with a narrower list of potential services to hire. Go through their terms and conditions. It’s important to see if you can get free revisions and refunds if you’re not satisfied with the results.
  • Check the deadlines and range of services. Can you get the content you need by the deadline you’re ready to set?

All that sounds complicated. It is complicated! We suggest an easier way: you can simply use this article. It’s a full guide on how to find an essay writing service that works for your needs. We offered several recommendations of agencies that are proven to deliver excellent results.

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  1. Is there any NZ masters thesis writing services you recommend? Im an nz student needing NZ style writing for a Masters Thesis.

    1. Hello, Vinu!
      We can advise you to use any of the services listed above, like Australian Writings, Edu Geeks Club or Dissertation Service. All of them have a diverse team of writers and surely can find the best one for you considering your needs.

      BTW, we do not take any responsibility and we are not liable for any damage caused through use of products or services purchased through any of these websites.

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